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Amsterdam’s newest downtown business is The Drop Shop in the former Hotaling Florist building on 27 Division Street. Proprietor Michele D’Onofrio is very pleased with this great location right off of Pearl Street next to the First Niagara Bank. The building with 3,360 square feet of retail space is also ideal for the multifaceted business that Michele has envisioned.

The Drop Shop is a consignment sales and storage place for both large and small items. The customer pays 3% of the asking price when dropping off items for sale. If the item sells within 30 days, the customer will get 95% of the asking price. If the item does not sell there is an extra 3% charge due each month the item remains in the shop.  There are already dozens of items available for sale in the shop.

Store hours  are now Fridays 3-6, Saturdays 10-2 and Sundays 10-3 but will be expanding in a just a few months. Arrangements can also be made to drop off or view items at other times by contacting the store.

You can get more information about The Drop Shop by calling (518) 843-4300 or by emailing

Michele is an artist at heart, with a degree in Graphic Design she found her real passion in creating flower arrangements. She uses real flowers, silk flowers and has even created a realistic looking flower arrangement out of feathers. This second facet of her business is Silk N Lace Bouquets which includes wedding and formal gowns at very reasonable prices. A collection of vintage women’s  gloves still in their original packaging, manufactured in Gloversville, rounds out the wedding collection. Michele also sells gowns for young ladies as well as christening gowns.

The third facet of Michele’s business is selling David Oreck Candles. As a scent specialist for the David Oreck Candle Company, Michele can help customers start their own home shows.

It is great to see downtown Amsterdam slowly coming back to life!  Downtown encompasses much more than East Main Street. I wish Michele well in her new small business endeavor. The Drop Shop may even be a great place for an old photographer to sell some of his fine art prints!

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7 thoughts on “The Drop Shop

  1. robert purtell

    I wish Michelle the best of luck in her new business, great location1

  2. diane

    Great story Jerry. I stopped in earlier this week to find out what was going in there. I too wish her all the best of luck:)

    • Michele is a friend from FMCC, we shared the same major and a few classes. She is very dedicated to making this business work. I heard about the “Swap Shop” on WCSS radio, where people call in to sell items. Michele’s “Drop Shop” would be an ideal tie in, a place where people could actually view the items before buying. It is sort of a year round tag sale.

  3. Kim

    I wish her much success and I can’t wait to check it out. Looks like a cool place you could check out weekly with everchanging merchandise. Also, glad to see she is open on weekends. So many local businesses are not. Fabulous photos too!

  4. michele D

    Thank you all for your well wishes! A special thanks to my friend Jerry for the excellent article! Come see me this weekend Fri 3-6 Sat 10-2 and Sunday 10-2.

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