Bobby O’Brien 1963-2012

Local radio talk-show personality, Irish Folk Singer and local business owner, Robert B. Harold (aka Bobby O’Brien) died suddenly Wednesday afternoon at his home on Lefferts Street in Amsterdam.

Born in Donegal, Ireland, Bobby grew up in Ansonia, Connecticut before moving to Amsterdam at the age of 18.

Bobby O’Brien recorded an album Irish Songs I Love to Sing in 2002

The owner of Millennium Music store in the Town of Amsterdam was known locally for his sharp-tongued criticisms of local political figures.

The Bobby O’Brien Show aired Fridays on WCSS radio until 2010 when his show and the Bob Going and Mike Chiara show were taken off the air. They started the podcast The Show With No Name at the Europa Cafe in Amsterdam, NY.  It was the first topic of my newly formed blog, The Grove Street Grumble back on January 28, 2011. The following photos were taken during the taping of that first show. Bobby is in the blue sweatshirt seated next to Bob Going.

Rest in Peace Bobby O’Brien

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6 thoughts on “Bobby O’Brien 1963-2012

  1. Bob Cudmore

    Bobby was instrumental in keeping alive the memory of another popular broadcaster, country music performer Dusty Miller. Bobby produced a tribute cassette using airchecks of some of Dusty’s 195os era broadcasts which WMHT=TV used in a documentary about Amsterdam.

    • Thanks once again for you insight Bob. Although I did not know Bobby that well, his passing should not go unnoticed. The local papers have not received an obituary and from what I understand there is some difficulty locating his next of kin.

      • diane


        Thank you for remembering Bobby.. I was so shocked to hear about his death….I have been looking for his obit in the paper and noticed it was not there. Maybe someone will be able to put something in next week.

  2. Tony Benjamin

    Bobby’s death apparently has yet to be considered newsworthy by the local print media. Has there been a story? Not that I’ve seen (ok, some sites limit viewing). Most newspapers now handle obituaries as paid advertising — a huge, unfortunate change in my opinion. So, if someone doesn’t pay for it, Bobby’s death will go unnoticed as an obituary in the traditional holders of the news of record. Unless there’s a news article. (He died on Wednesday, and I learned about it out here in Colorado that night — the story is gettng pretty old). Was his life/death newsworthy? I believe so. Whether you agreed or disagreed with his very public and outspoken views (and my experience was mostly the latter, with some very funny/insightful exceptions), Bobby was a public figure. And a business person who strongly believed in local enterprise. Has any local newspaper reported his death?

  3. diane

    I did some ckg last night and found out that a person in Texas has been located and he is the executor of his estate. He will be handling things. I do not know if that means he is coming up here or not, I should think he will be to handle the immediate details and all. Hopefully, once the obit is placed it will be picked up on.

  4. Denny N

    I was a friend of Bobbys for years back when I lived in NY does anyone have any information about what happened? I know he had a lot of close friends and people that he considered family… if anyone has any information could you hit me up….. thanks and RIP bobby you sure know how to make me laugh 🙂

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