My View From Here.

I am Gerald J. Skrocki,  a 62-year-old resident of Amsterdam, New York, a freelance photographer and graphic designer with a degree in Visual Communications Technology. Retired from my first career as a NYS Correction Lieutenant, I worked in New York’s most heinous maximum security prisons. I am also a Vietnam era veteran having served my country as both an enlisted Army Medic and a commissioned Army Infantry Officer.

This blog displays my photography and describes my life in Amsterdam, New York. The blog contains my thoughts on local politics, human rights, the arts, history, electronics, cooking, gardening and I even delve into religion. I tell a story from my point of view. I volunteer my time and photos to not for profit organizations that contribute to the well-being of the local community.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. diane

    Jerry, great, but please keep writing your articles as well. 🙂

  2. It’s the same blog with a new name and look! It displays my photos much larger.

  3. John Sweeney.... Verplanck N.Y.

    Jerry, you have a great looking blog, but even more important, your photo stories are a vivid antidote to some gloom’n’doom stuff on the web about New York State’s upstate decay…. stuff that is motivated (I think) by some younger peoples’ fascination with urban ruins, abandoned houses, “tagging”, and grotesquery for its own sake. If folks like that stuff, that’s fine with me, but it skews the truth, if you just take pictures of gnarly, rusted, busted stuff & ignore the real life going on all around it. Here in the Verplanck/Peekskill area we have plenty of old buildings, and my love of that look is what prompted me to move here 16 years ago, but I’ve been on an “Amsterdam NY” discovery mission these last few weeks wondering just what happened to “Rugtown” since WWII. I know about the 5 Buddhas temple, and the comatose mall on main street, and the wrestling hall of fame, but your blog is beginning to flesh out the living elements in Amsterdam, and I’d like to express my thanks to you, for doing that work.

    My curiosity about Amsterdam began when I found this old 1941 photo at the Library of Congress digital collection: http://tinyurl.com/c8fyyez

    I think I recognize the Key Bank just behind the young lady’s head, and I believe the locale to be the corner of Market & E. Main, looking east.

    The old Amsterdam photos I’m finding show an active, vital town, proud of its affairs & its people. We need present-day avatars like yourself to continue this good stuff forward.

  4. Thank you John,
    I love Amsterdam, it is a great place to live and if we can get out of our own way to let progress happen, it will be an even greater place. I saw this happen with my hometown of Hudson, NY and it can happen for Amsterdam too. The Mohawk River and riverfront access is key to our future.

    I hope my photography continues to convey the beauty that is already here.

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