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Park Hill Adult Home for Sale

Sadly, another historic property on Grove Street has been abandoned and is now set for public auction on June 27, 2011. The Park Hill Adult Home on 52 Grove Street was in operation for forty-four years as a 15 bed nursing home. The locally owned business was successful for many years, but sold to Amsterdam Park Properties in 2004 for $1,125,000. Three years later it sold again to B&H Realty Properties LLC for $3,200,00. After some management difficulty, the business was taken over by a State appointed overseer who apparently could not see a profitable future for the business, closing the doors on May 1, 2011. The property was foreclosed by Sterling Bank.

As far back as I can research, the original house and property was owned by J. McClumpha Sr. according to an Amsterdam 1868 map.

In 1905, the property was owned by James Voorhees.

On March 3, 1919, James Voorhees sold the building to The Roman Catholic Church to be used as a convent for the Sisters of St Josephs Parish. In June of 1919 Monsignor Brown purchased the adjacent property on 46 Grove Street where some expansion was done and the properties merged. On November 1, 1922, James Schuyler sold his property on 58 Grove Street to build St Michael’s Roman Catholic Church and rectory that since 2010, has been owned by the Buddhist World Peace and Health Organization. At some point the Roman Catholic Church sold the convent and The Park Hill Adult Home was founded in 1967 (from the sign in front of the building).

It is sad to see these once glorious, well maintained properties go to ruin and neglect. The Amsterdam police have responded to people breaking in Park Hill a few times since its closure. ALthough the WPHO made a valiant initial effort converting the former St Michaels into the Goddess of Mercy Temple, there has been very little activity and virtually no property maintenance since.

This is how the properties appear today (iPhone photos):

Here is an overview of the properties:

If you want to own a piece of Amsterdam’s history, show up at the Montgomery County Office Building in Fonda, NY on June 27, 2011, at 1:00PM. Be prepared to pay $1,165,976.30 plus interest, attorney fees and costs.

It would make a great bed & breakfast!

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