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Dan Weaver is Wrong!

This is for Dan Weaver of the Upstream & Downtown blog who for reasons unknown to this writer, has not posted my response to his inflammatory blog entry grilling Alderman Wills for supporting Marriage Equality:

How dare you turn this into a political debate? This issue is about civil rights and equality. Politicians have used Marriage Equality as a poker chip for too long now. It is time that we pass this resolution and if local government can show its support, why shouldn’t they? What better marketing tool can the City of Amsterdam have than to say we care about the civil rights and equality of our residents? This is the kind of marketing that needs no budget.

It is easy to say this is someone else’s issue, but in reality, it’s everyone’s issue. It is time that we deal with this issue as unpleasant as it is for some. It is not whether your religion agrees or does not agree with the principal of same-sex marriage, for religions will be free to discriminate as they have for hundreds of years. This is about our State Government holding true to the non-discrimination laws they have in place, to afford the same State rights to same-sex couples as they do heterosexual couples. This is a goal of Governor Cuomo who asks everyone to stand up and urge our Legislators to support Marriage Equality.

Before 1967, it was illegal for interracial couples to marry in the United States. People used the same religious and moral arguments to fight against legalization. In the end the rational majority prevailed.

Alderman Wills was bold enough to stand up and accept my challenge to support Marriage Equality and I am proud of him for doing so. He was the only member of our City Council that even responded to my request. After comments from Troy City Councilman Ken Zalewski, Mayor Thane also added her support.

Note: Dan Weaver has expressed his opinion about gays on his blog 6/20/2009:

“The fact that I oppose homosexuality does not necessarily make me a bigot either anymore than the fact that I oppose drug addiction makes me bigoted against drug addicted people, nor does it mean I hate homosexuals or drug addicts.”

With this statement Dan suggests that homosexuality is somehow a choice like taking drugs, sorry Dan, it is not.  That is why New York State instituted anti-discrimination laws to protect sexual orientation from people who oppose it.  Comparing gays with something as negative as drug addicts is a tactic used by bigots to support their irrational opinions.

I oppose bigots but that does not mean I hate Dan Weaver.

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