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Tony’s Polka Band

Back for a return engagement at Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park is local favorite, Tony’s Polka Band.

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Tumbleweed Highway

The 5th Annual Riverlink Jamboree took place Saturday, August 3, 2013, at Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park. Three bands performed throughout the evening and this blog will present photos from each performance in separate blog entries.

The third band performing at Riverlink Jamboree was Tumbleweed Highway. A Tumbleweed Highway experience is one that includes Cowboys, Hippies and Folkies. Their shows are known for extended Jams, Zydeco Grooves, Soulful Ballads and Upbeat Honky Tonk Tunes.

“It’s about getting our music in to everyone’s hand that we can, and independently, being on the road is the only way to do It.” says Lead Singer/Guitarist Nate Gross.


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The Nellies

The 5th Annual Riverlink Jamboree took place Saturday, August 3, 2013, at Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park. Three bands performed throughout the evening and this blog will present photos from each performance in separate blog entries.

The second band performing at the Riverlink Jamboree are the Nellies an Albany, NY based, rootsy, alt-country, Americana band. The band is driven by core singer-songwriter duo, Karen Ann Gilpin (acoustic guitar/banjo) and Peggy Lecuyer (mandolin/harmonica) who both contribute driving rhythms and beautiful two-part harmonies to their songs. They are joined by Gene Lemme who keeps The Nellies in line on the upright bass.  Joining them for Jamboree is Kevin Maul on Beard guitar and Mark Frederick on fiddle.






















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The Grand Slambovians

The rain fell last evening cooling off the hot summer air just in time for The Grand Slambovians to perform at the Greater Amsterdam Riiverlink Park. AKA Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams, their music is being called everything from hillbilly Pink Floyd to psychedelic folk music. They truly entertained a very receptive crowd with music and storytelling.































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Rock on Amsterdam…Rock on!

The Audiostars kicked off Amsterdam’s 2013 Riverlink Park Concert Series to a delightful crowd of faithful concertgoers. The band consists of J Yager on vocals and guitar, Matt Pirog on lead guitar, Chad Ploss on drums and vocals and Bobbie Van Detta on Bass and vocals. They played high energy classic rock that pleased the crowd of about 400 who were very eager to dance!

Riverlink Park looked great despite local flooding that prevented the docks from being installed. During the concert, visible debris continued to float down the Mohawk River. People were not bothered by the minor distractions and seemed happy to enjoy the outdoor event with no threat of rain! It was a great night.


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Riverlink Park Summer Concert Series 2013

I volunteer my time and skill-set to a few not for profit organizations in my area. These are organizations that I wholeheartedly believe in. The Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation is one of those organizations. Paul Gavry is the President of the Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation and he does an excellent job bringing free concerts to Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park every Saturday in July and August. I started photographing the concerts in 2011 after discovering they were taking place. In 2012 I made a commitment to myself to photograph every concert and donated the photos to help advertise the concert series. I felt there needed to be more of an effort to get the word out about these FREE concerts that take place in such a beautiful setting by the Mohawk River. Before long I became a board member of the Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation. Raising money for the concert series is no easy task, given today’s economy. The board meets the second Monday of every month to plan for the season. Whether it is planning for a fundraiser, hiring bands or making decisions for the organization there is always something to do. Having volunteered to do advertising media, the bulk of my work (aside from the photography) is happening now.

Five people comprise the Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation. Paul Gavry-President, Denise Terry-Secretary, Robert Terry-Treasurer, Dave Blaze and I are the newbie Board Members.

Here is my latest ad for the Concert Series:


Please share this schedule.

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Girl Howdy

The show must go on! Despite the rainy, muggy and dark day, Girl Howdy performed at Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park, bringing along some twangy country tunes to brighten up the day for the few braves souls who came to be entertained. It was the first time the new event tent was used for the Riverlink Concert Series. There were a few that could not make the walk down to the tent area so they listened in their cars. It would have been nice if there were some folding chairs to go with the tent performance but that was not the case. If you didn’t bring a chair you had to stand. Some didn’t mind, they even took the opportunity to dance to Girl Howdy’s country tunes.

The last two images are of the concrete pillar from the World Trade Center tragedy that Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane wants erected as a monument in Riverlink Park. This writer has another idea in mind for that pillar, a location where the pillar won’t suffer from the effects of the sun’s rays.

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Annie and the Hedonists

The third installment of Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park Concert Series took place Saturday night featuring Annie and the Hedonists. Their acoustic sound was bluegrass, ballads and early jazz. There were about 200 people in attendance, a variety of ages.

Riverlink Park looks progressively better each week. The new floating docks are installed, a big improvement! They are wider than the old storm-swept docks, making room for smaller boats to pull up to the park and have dinner or enjoy the show. It was a clear, relatively cool night and Annie sounded great as she belted out one tune after the next.

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Jewel of the Mohawk

I love Riverlink Park!  It is truly one of the best attractions in Amsterdam.  Access to the Mohawk River is crucial to economic development.  It is after all, the reason Amsterdam was settled. In spite of the damage done to this beautiful river in the industrial era, it continues to be a source of recreation, travel and tourism for the Central New York Region.  It will be Amsterdam’s saving grace.

This is my 12th blog entry about Riverlink Park. I was covering the Riverlink Concert Series last season and donated my images to the Waterfront Foundation to promote the park. Here are links to some of last years concerts:

Chandler Travis Philharmonic     Tony’s Polka Band     Jim Gaudet and the Railroad Boys

Michael Poulopoulos, Matt Durfee, Michael Eck and Tom Lindsey

One Sweet World

I was there when artist Alice Manzi was installing her Painted Rock Sculpture for Riverlink Park Phase II and happened to catch Congressman Paul Tonko there as well in this entry titled Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Of course there are times when I just want to see a little more done by our City Administrators to keep this precious jewel polished. The following articles were posted to get a little cooperation and bring attention to some much-needed work in the park.

Riverlink Park      Locked Gate     Phase II

On March 19, 2012,  I wrote this article: Riverlink Park Needs Help.

Given the history presented here, you can conclude that I really do care about this park and want the best for the citizens of Amsterdam.  Some may disagree with the methods I use to make my point, but it has proven to be effective. You can’t go through the world with blinders on ignoring everything and everyone you judge as negative. There are many roads to the same destination.

With that said, I present today’s photos of Riverlink Park. It is Memorial Day weekend and the park still needs work to get it ready for the season. Why is our park and Concession not ready for business on the traditional start of summer?  Where are the new floating boat docks needed to dock at Riverlink Park? Why are the boat electrical hookups not completed? Why are the missing lampposts not replaced? Why aren’t the park benches painted? It seems all the city’s efforts went in to repairing the concession stand and erecting a tent. We are only getting $300 rent for the entire season from the concessionaire. We are loosing potential revenue from boat docking fees that could be charged if we were ready

The 2012 Riverlink Concert Series begins on July 7th with the return of the Chandler Travis Philharmonic. The full schedule of performers can be found here. It is a great venue and it’s free!

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Let’s Polka!

Tony’s Polka Band performed tonight at Riverlink Park in Amsterdam, New York. It was the second in a series of free concerts scheduled for this summer down by the Mohawk River.  It was great to see a new generation carrying on the tradition of Polka music that I grew up with. Tonight the concertgoers could not keep from dancing to the Polka beat.

(Click on each photo for a larger view.)

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