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Body Language

You can tell by the grimaces, postures and hand gestures that the citizens of Amsterdam, New York are not happy with the budget presented to them on June 12 by the Common Council, the Controller and the Mayor. ┬áIssues presented include a $15,000 raise for the City’s part-time Corporation Counsel (who received a vote of no confidence from the Common Council), a new $45,000 appointed position in Economic Development, a $10,000 part-time Event Coordinator, raises for the Assessor and Recreation Director, ┬áin a year when utility fees and property taxes are going up, in a city that is among those with the highest taxed property in New York State.

This is Amsterdam 5th Ward Alderman Richard Leggiero who consistently voted down the appointment of Corporation Counsel Gerard DeCusatis, the pay raises and the budget as it currently stands. He truly represents the will of the people.

Once again I’ll let the pictures tell the story. (If you make to the end of the photos, there is a brief video of excerpts from the Public Hearing).

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Amsterdam’s 3% Tax Cap Remains in Place!

The City of Amsterdam Common Council unanimously voted NO to the proposal that would have removed the 3% cap on property tax and utility fees.

The proposed insurance contribution increase was tabled until next Tuesday.

The impact of last nights meeting weighed heavily on the Council members with a brief speech by Alderman Bill Wills regarding the value of trust in the voting public.

Who is irked now?


CBS 6 News just reported the Greater Amsterdam School District budget was voted down by a large margin.

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