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One Sweet World

The Riverlink Concert Series is winding down but you couldn’t tell by the crowd gathered to hear One Sweet World – a tribute to Dave Matthews.

Featuring Amsterdam native Dave Swart (guitar and vocals), Joe Davoli (fiddle), Jason Rafalak (bass), Brad Batz (horns and flute), Chris Cornish (drums).

The concert started at 7pm and you can tell it’s the end of summer because the light just doesn’t last, making photography even more challenging. The people in attendance varied greatly in age accounting for the larger crowd. There was also a larger number of boats docked at the park and even an amphibious car making its way down the Mohawk River.

Photographing the Riverlink Park Concert Series was a great experience both professionally and personally as it presented the opportunity to contribute to the local community and meet some really wonderful people.  Former Amsterdam Mayor John Duchessi (D) recognized me from my blog photo, introducing himself as he shook my hand while complimenting my work on this blog.  Mr. Duchessi stated he was a regular follower of the Grove Street Grumble. It was under Mayor John Duchessi’s administration that Amsterdam’s Comprehensive Plan was created.

It was a very enjoyable evening.

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