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Meet Liu Nai Hui – Professional Table Tennis Athlete and Coach

One of the many stars that make up the constellation that we call the World Peace and Health Organization is Liu Nai Hui a World Class table tennis champion. She now holds the title of 2012 US Open Women’s Doubles Champion having won the title in July with Jenny Zhao. In 2011 Liu was the US Open Women’s Single Champion and has won Table Tennis Championships around the World. As a Table Tennis Coach Liu had the pleasure of seeing her student Michele Luo win the 2012 AAU Junior Olympic Games.

Today the World Peace and Health Organization celebrates Liu Nai Hui by opening The World Table Tennis Championship Training Center at 10 Main Street in the village of Fultonville, New York. The building a former Masonic Temple, was completely renovated with regulation lighting and tables that occupy two floors of the building. They hope to provide world class table tennis instruction for the public in the near future.

Of course the grand opening included a traditional Chinese Lion accompanied by gongs, drums and cymbals to ward off any residual evil spirits left in the century old building. A formal introduction was given by Buddhist Holy Master Zinguang Shang Shi and the Table Tennis tournament began. The Center also had a visit from Fultonville Mayor Robert Headwell. There was truly a sense of joy and accomplishment that was palpable in the center today. At one point I felt as if I no longer needed the service of my wonderful translator Jennie Wong as the communication was understood on a higher level. This is really the beginning of something greater, a starting point that is fully supported by the local community who appreciate the opportunity presented.


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