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A Walk in the Park

Today was the first time I left my house for something other than once a week shopping in over two months. The pandemic lockdown is slowly relaxing. Montgomery County, NY is among a few that are allowed to open in phases. With the gorgeous weather today, I ventured out to Riverlink Park. It was great to get out and smell the flowers and feel the sun on my skin again. Riverlink Park did not disappoint.

Photos were taken with the new Fuji X-T4 camera with both the XF 16-55 f/2.8 and the XF 50-140 f/2.8 lenses.


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The Heat is ON!

The summer heat has been hard on lawns but really sparked growth in gardens. With no room for a proper garden, I use the south-western facing porches of my house to grow a potted garden.  Red Geraniums, Portulaca, Sunflowers, Asiatic and Day Lilies help dress up the place while Parsley, Cilantro, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil and Beefsteak Tomatoes serve a practical function.

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Around the House

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Flowers and Things

It has been a week since the passage of Marriage Equality in New York and not much has changed. A Marriage Equality Bill failed in Rhode Island, but they settled for Civil Unions with some added benefits. In New York, wedding vendors are preparing for more business, city clerks are preparing new marriage registration and license forms.

Certain religious organizations are welcoming same-sex couples in their churches for wedding ceremonies while others are still politicizing and preaching about their god destroying the world as a result. We had some nice weather this week, except for a storm that resulted in a bible camp employee being struck by lightning. Coincidental? Carl Strock, columnist for The Daily Gazette referred to it as a case of Devine Providence!

The local bloggers are still sanctimoniously attacking the locals as a means of entertainment and to increase their blog hits.

In the end nothing much has changed except that on July 24, 2011, same-sex couples will start getting married.

In anticipation of all the nuptials and in memory of the Hatzenbuhler flower shop, I have posted some local flower photos taken with the iPhone 4, while walking my cat Spike.

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