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Riverlink Park

It has been over a month since I sent an email through our City of Amsterdam website inquiring about this year’s entertainment at Riverlink Park. I never received a reply. When you check the City of Amsterdam website for Parks, you are greeted with the following post that has not been updated since 2009:

The City of Amsterdam pays $549 per month of taxpayer money to support this website.  Why is it not updated?  If I had not read the July 2, 2011, edition of The Recorder that listed the 2011 Riverfront Park Concert Series, I would not have known that the park has its own website that also lists this information.

Update: The Riverlink Concert Series and Riverlink Café information were updated today July 5, 2011, on the City of Amsterdam Website.  The Canal Fest and fireworks information remain incorrect.

I brought a new Amsterdam homeowner down to Riverlink Park today.  He moved to Amsterdam in January and never knew there was a restaurant in the park.  My friend was amazed that there were no people in this beautiful park on Saturday of the 4th of July weekend,  just one boat docked. The restaurant was not open for lunch.  The bathrooms in the park were locked but the elevator was working.

The point I am trying to make is that while Mayor Thane cries about a lack of marketing budget, we are missing opportunities already in place to keep the public informed about these events in our City, potentially increasing tourism and bringing people back downtown.

I also noticed the American Flags that once adorned the tops of the two towers covering the park entrance are now gone.

Riverlink Park will be even more amazing once Phase II of the project is completed and the Chalmers building is finally demolished.

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