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A Copper Caper

With taser drawn, he waits silently on the lawn of the former Park Hill Adult Home in Amsterdam, New York.  Ready to react to any situation that may jeopardize his safety or that of his fellow Police Officers and the citizens of Amsterdam.

Over the past several weeks, Park Hill has been the target of local copper thieves who have already done hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to this historic building by gutting the heating system and water lines. The former nursing home went into foreclosure over a year ago and is now owned by a bank who have done little to protect and secure its contents. You can read about some of its history here.

Whether it was the Strawberry Moon or the Venus transition, people have behaved badly on Grove Street lately. Last night about 1:00am I woke to the sounds of slurred cursing. I went outside to find a man so intoxicated he was laying on the sidewalk in front of the Former Park Hill adult home. Then I discovered someone stole my full trash can put curbside for pick up today!  Two women walking by last night after the police arrived stated they saw two teenaged men, one white, one black wheeling a trash can full of copper pipes down Forbes Street. Their description of the can led me to believe it was mine. Apparently they ditched the trash bags inside and used it to haul away copper from the Park Hill Adult Home.

This morning during a visit from my brother and sister-in-law, a car did a three-point turn in front of my house and started driving the wrong way down the one way street, pulling into the driveway next to Park Hill.  Armed with my iPhone, I decided enough was enough and confronted these would be burglars as they pulled out of the driveway with copper pipes in their vehicle.  I stopped the vehicle and ordered them to return the pipes. As they complied, I photographed them, the vehicle plate number and then called the Amsterdam Police who arrived about 15 minutes later.

The building was thoroughly searched both last night and again this morning and secured by the responding Police Officers.

The photos of the alleged perpetrators is being withheld due to pending litigation.  With my statement and the photos, the APD were able to name the individuals responsible and now have some evidence to work with to help curtail the theft of copper on Grove Street… or so we thought.

Just a few hours after this mornings incident, I was checking the property of the adjacent Goddess of Mercy Temple with Jennie Wong when we discovered the side door of Park Hill propped open with a bucket.  Once again I notified the APD and this time the response was immediate and large! The APD covered all the entrances and exits, once again doing a systematic search.  I did not see anyone taken into custody.

As the night falls I notice the APD making frequents rounds of the area. Hopefully, Venus is finished transitioning and I can get a full nights sleep!

Update: Reported in the Amsterdam Recorder 06/12/2012

Amsterdam Police Department

• Two Amsterdam men were each charged with petit larceny, a misdemeanor, and trespassing, a violation. Jose Reyes, 38, of 20 Garden St., was arrested June 5, and Jimmy Rivera, 44, of 27 McDonnell St., was arrested June 6. Their charges stem from an incident on Grove Street where the two men allegedly stole copper form a vacant building. Reyes were held pending arraignment, and Rivera was released on an appearance ticket to appear in Amsterdam City Court at a later date.

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Break-In News!

On Saturday, July 30, 2011, an alert and observant Grove Street resident noticed that the windows on the top floor of the unoccupied former rectory building at 58 Grove Street were open. They were usually closed when he passed by daily walking his cat.  Armed with just an iPhone, he checked a little closer.

Discovering a side window wide open, screens pried from windows and two kitchen knives on the side stairs, he took action and called the Amsterdam Police.  Two Police Officers entered the building through the opened side window and secured the building.

An attempt was made to both call and e-mail the spokesperson for the World Peace and Health Organization, only to find out she was in Hong Kong on vacation. Using Facebook, communication was established with Jennie Wong who relayed information from Hong Kong to WPHO representatives here in Amsterdam as well as Mayor Thane.

Monday morning the diligent resident woke to find the Amsterdam Police again parked in front of 58 Grove Street with representatives from the WPHO.  This time the resident brought out the big guns recently used to photograph the Riverlink Park Concert on Saturday.

When Juliana from the WPHO checked on the property this morning, August 1, 2011, she apparently discovered the previously secured side window broken, startling three suspects who fled the scene on bicycles.  There was damage done to the inside of the building and mattresses were found on the floor. She was able to describe the three to Police who also had a forensics team on site gathering, photographing and cataloging evidence. They were able to lift clear fingerprints from the glass on the broken window used to gain access to the building.

The suspects are described as white or hispanic and teenage. One thin male with a shaved head and two heavyset females.  Police checked local hospitals to see if anyone was recently treated for cuts from broken glass.  The Grove Street resident believes the trio was able access the building undetected from the rear where a trail leads to the back of City Hall.

With Park Hill Adult Home vacant and no one living in the former St. Michael’s rectory, this diligent Grove Street resident could use a little help keeping the vandals and thieves at bay.


In response to the two break-ins over the weekend, the WPHO decided to board up the windows of 58 Grove Street.

This unfortunate chain of events just adds to the blight and decline of the Grove Street neighborhood.

Update 2:

The following photos taken August 5, 2011, with the iPhone show the old road in back of the former St. Michael’s Church and the flimsy fence put up in back of City Hall that is not keeping anyone out. People are both going over and just walking around it. The fence does keep vehicles from driving down the old road, and reduces the amount of grass that is cut in back of City Hall. The problem is the old road is about 1/4 mile long and can be accessed from both Green Hill Cemetery and High Street.


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