The View From Here

Photography is the art of capturing light. Light is the factor that can make an average or mundane scene spectacular by adding splashes of color and contrast.

The Covid-19 pandemic and its enduring lockdown has limited photographic subjects. My home happens to have an interesting view that comes alive with each sunrise or sunset, lit by either reflective or direct light.

Here are some images taken from my kitchen window over the past few months. The first was taken today, May 4, 2020.



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4 thoughts on “The View From Here

  1. Diane Hatzenbuhler

    Still enjoy looking at your photography…….great job Jerry!!

  2. David Maryzak

    Love the pix!!


    • Donna Dickerson

      Jerry Super great Pictures makes me miss Amsterdam you make it look so good. We Love Alaska Miss Tammy and our friends Your winter is Worse than Alaska Snow wise How bad did Amsterdam hit?? Such an awful we have only had 255 cases and 21 dead Thank God we have stayed home better to be Safe than Sorry Again Great Job always a friend Donna

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