A Spark Ignites in Downtown Amsterdam



A creative spark ignites downtown Amsterdam at Sharpshooters on Main Street.  Every Tuesday night from 8-11pm, local musicians get together to hone their craft. What a great idea that is bringing much needed life back to the downtown area. Where else can you go to enjoy free live music on a Tuesday night?

I first learned about the music venue from Tim Becker’s excellent article in the Mohawk Valley Compass.

Sharpshooters is not just an excellent billiards hall, they have many local brews on tap, pub food and a friendly atmosphere that is very welcoming. The owners have really struck a chord with open mic night. The local musicians are hungry to perform. Newcomers to the scene are anxious to share the spotlight and the more seasoned musicians just light up on stage as they rock out to some classic tunes. The music is loud and unapologetic. I was especially impressed by a young woman named Emily Shuttleworth who sang solo and also performed with a young man who went by the acronym Q oNe A. They told a story onstage with a creative fusion of rap and country music that was very well done.



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12 thoughts on “A Spark Ignites in Downtown Amsterdam

  1. magpersico

    GREAT pics Jerry!! What a FUN night!! Looking forward to next week!!

  2. Wonderful, thanks for sharing. Will try to stop by for the open mic night next time I visit Amsterdam!

  3. Mike Miseno

    Thank you for coming out last night. I’m glad people are interested in the music scene around here. There are are a lot of very talented people in this area. We would love to hear from more of them…This is about building the music community and meeting some quality people.

    Thank you again for coming out! We look forward to seeing you again soon!!!!

  4. Lisa

    The local artist who performed with Emily is “Q oNe A”. Please revise your article! Thanks c:

  5. Emily Shuttleworth

    Great article, thank you so much for the compliment! Just a small correction, the rapper’s name is QoNeA.

  6. Thank you for the support and video! Much appreciated. Great quality also!

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