Amsterdam’s Walter Elwood Museum

The Rao Center at 100 Church Street in Amsterdam, New York is home to the Walter Elwood Museum. This eclectic collection is part of Amsterdam’s history. Walter Elwood was an educator in the Amsterdam school district in the early 1900s. He traveled worldwide and brought back interesting artifacts to teach his students about world and natural history. This extensive collection was donated to the school district and an organization was formed to help care for and display this collection.

Ann Peconie is the Executive Director of the Walter Elwood Museum of the Mohawk Valley. She and the museum board have done an excellent job displaying this collection for public view. Robert Going, Esq and Vice President of the Walter Elwood Museum of the Mohawk Valley was kind enough to give me a tour of the museum on Saturday during the museum sponsored Amsterdam Farmers’ Market.

For more information about the collection as well as museum hours, please click on the above link.


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2 thoughts on “Amsterdam’s Walter Elwood Museum

  1. Diane

    Thank you Jerry for the photos ……….there is so much there !! I was at the museum twice at the old Guy Park School, but I do not remember seeing all these things, and again when it was at the Manor. So glad to see they have a lot more display area. Great job, Ann P. 🙂

  2. Donna Dickerson

    What a great job Ann P. has done many many Thanks Ann and Gerry the pictures were so wonderful you do great work a Big Thank You to you to. You both should be very Proud

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