Amsterdam Family YMCA (in Hagaman)

Like many others, this blogger had written off the Amsterdam Family YMCA when it moved out of the City of Amsterdam and established itself in the Village of Hagaman in a former school at 58 N Pawling Street. How dare they abandon us, I thought!  I have to admit it was this type of  narrow-minded thinking that stopped me from seeing just what they had to offer. That was until I met Nancy Carr, Executive Director/CEO of the Amsterdam Family YMCA.

Nancy told the story of just how the Amsterdam Family YMCA had to move. She impressed me as a very well spoken and dedicated individual who really cares about the local community. She also listened to my questions and took the time to answer every misconception I had about the YMCA and its mission. She challenged me to see for myself, offering to give me a tour and a day pass for a free workout. I took her up on that offer on Wednesday and I have to say I was very impressed with the facility, the staff and the patrons of the Amsterdam Family YMCA.

I’m not used to being around kids and the name Amsterdam Family YMCA  made me think there would be screaming children running around the facility while adults were trying to exercise. That was so far from the truth! I should have realized there are many types of families and although the YMCA has a first rate NYS certified day care facility, it is a separate part of the building. They care for infants, toddlers and pre-K children (ages 6 weeks to 5 years old) in four different rooms, each specialized with activities for specific age groups. It operates from 6:00am-6:00pm. I toured the day care during lunch and the children were all well mannered, well behaved and a pleasure to talk to. The day care facility at the YMCA is equipped with video cameras so parents can check in on their children on the internet if they so desire.  A full-time day care enrollment also includes a family membership to the Amsterdam Family YMCA.

The family referred to in the name is more about the interpersonal relationships developed at this YMCA. The staff and patrons all know each other by name. If one of the seniors misses a regular exercise class, Guido the personal trainer checks up on them! The individual attention is what separates the Amsterdam Family YMCA from one of the franchise gyms. Guido took the time to assess my needs and walked me through their exercise machines, correcting my posture and positioning as I did my workout. He managed to make me sweat in no time at all! You can tell when someone really loves their job because their passion quickly turns to expertise. Everyone I met at the Amsterdam Family YMCA had that same passion. Even though I only spent a couple of hours there, I did feel like part of the family! See for yourself…






Nancy Carr, Executive Director/CEO of Amsterdam Family YMCA


Guido Posso, Personal Trainer/Instructor, Amsterdam Family YMCA


Manny, YMCA Staff


























The Amsterdam Family YMCA has a variety of programs and classes for kids and adults, some are offered free of charge. Please check their website for details or visit their facility on Pawling Street in Hagaman. From April 1 – May 31, 2015, the Amsterdam Family YMCA is sponsoring a Scrap Metal Drive with proceeds going to the YMCA.  Call them and they will pick up your scrap metal for free! They pick up in Amsterdam, Hagaman, Perth, Broadalbin, Galway, Tribes Hill, Fort Johnson, Fort Hunter, Cranesville and Minaville.

Call the YMCA at (518) 842-2130

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5 thoughts on “Amsterdam Family YMCA (in Hagaman)

  1. Barbara Wheeler

    Absolutely fabulous!! Thank you Jerry for this spot light. 😊 🙌
    The Y is so much more than a place to work out, and you got that message across perfectly.
    Thank you again!!

  2. bjaycjay

    Thanks, Gerry. I have never joined the Y, but have donated art and craft items, and done kids classes there when they have summer camp. Nice people. THank you for reminding me of the YMCA. Carol BTW…stop in sometime to visit the us at the Rao Center. I’m only there one day a week currently, but there are others there some days. I will be there tomorrow for a group, that meets until noon, so if you stop by tomorrow, after noon, we can talk. My little brain tells me…. I’m thinking of starting another Art Group, that will meet on the last Wednesday of the month. I want to call it…”It’s An Art”. I would like to have it become a fun group where we can enjoy each other’s company,doing what we love, like we did at the Beanery. I have coffee pots, and we could even have snacks. Nothing too formal, but each month we would schedule a speaker, and I would love to have YOU be a speaker at our first meeting. I have some very cool people to invite, and not every one does something really cool. I am looking to start the group in September. Hope you can come. I don’t want to meet at the CC, because I love our little place, and we will be moving down the hall to bigger “digs” in June. Just downsized to a smaller room, and God sent me 3 artist friends to share the rent. The room we want to move to has 3 windows, with a beautiful view of the dilapidated old buildings…but is highlighted by the beautiful sounds of the creek. We would meet there. How does that sound?


    • Thank you Carol. I will try to stop in today. The Amsterdam Photography Club is also regrouping. We found a new home for our meetings at Parillo’s Armory Grill starting Thursday June 4th at 7pm. We also scheduled five photowalks for 2015 open to anyone wanting to participate. We have some great locations lined up starting with Amsterdam Spring Fling, then downtown Albany, Cooperstown, Saratoga Racetrack and Hope Falls in Autumn.

  3. Diane

    Sounds great Carol 🙂 And thank you Jerry for the wonderful article and the lovely pictures, especially of the those well behaved children 🙂

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