The Sanford Legacy

The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs, New York previewed their latest exhibit, the Sanford Legacy, to the Friends of Sanford Stud Farm, select guests and the press on Tuesday, March 24, 2015. The exhibit, researched and designed by museum curator Victoria Tokarowski of Fultonville, showcases the significant contribution of Amsterdam’s Sanford family to the sport of thoroughbred racing. The exhibit opens to the public March 25, 2015 and runs through 2016. Tuesday’s event was attended by Sanford family descendent Pierre Manigault from Charleston, South Carolina, Son of Sanford jockey Louis Hildebrandt, Sam Hildebrandt, Montgomery County Legislator Barbara Wheeler, Town of Amsterdam Supervisor Tom DiMezza, Friends of Sanford Stud Farm President Scott Friers and several members of FSSF as well as the media. For more information just click on this link: National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame _SKR7989_SKR7991_SKR7998_SKR7994_SKR7999_SKR8002_SKR8008_SKR8012_SKR8019_SKR8020_SKR8021_SKR8026_SKR8028a_SKR8029_SKR8030_SKR8031_SKR8033_SKR8034_SKR8035_SKR8037_SKR8036_SKR8038_SKR8040

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12 thoughts on “The Sanford Legacy

  1. Gerald,
    Thanks for this post. I’m only in the area in the summertime but I would love to see this exhibit.

    • You’re welcome Mary! I hope everyone who loves racing or local history takes the time to visit the Sanford Legacy exhibit. We are very lucky to have a museum of this caliber in our area.

    • It will be at the Racing Museum through 2016 so you should be able to find the time.

  2. Tom DiMezza

    Great job jerry.

  3. Jerry…you always have amazing photos…thanks again!

  4. Barbara Wheeler

    It is such a lovely exhibit, showcasing the Sanford family and their devotion to horses. As well as the perspective back in time, a rich part of Amsterdam, NY’s history. Thank you Jerry!!

  5. Thanks Tom! I am happy to be a part of the effort that Friends of Sanford Stud Farm is making to maintain our local history. The Sanford family’s rich heritage enhanced both the city and town of Amsterdam.

  6. Marie Pacino

    Jerry, once again you have created a beautiful memory through your beautiful photos! Very nice! Thank you for your time to do this to preserve this important history of Amsterdam.

    • You’re welcome Marie! You and you husband should take advantage of this opportunity to visit the museum before the racing season crowds. There are a lot of beautiful paintings and sculpture among the many exhibits of thoroughbred racing memorabilia.

  7. diane

    Thank you Jerry for the pictures. Once again they showcase the event beautifully 🙂

    • It was a big event that will help promote Amsterdam and the history of the Sanfords. Since Amsterdam City Hall is the former Sanford mansion, given the history of Sanford carpet industry, it would have been nice to have a representative from Amsterdam City government at this event or even a reporter/photographer from the Recorder in attendance.

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