The Next Mayor of Amsterdam, Mike Villa

The Clubhouse of Amsterdam’s Municipal Golf Course, run by Laura Elmendorf, hosted the first social gathering for City Amsterdam Mayoral candidate Michael Villa last night. In attendance were about 150 people representing many generations, occupations and political parties. This show of force was a large sign that the citizens of Amsterdam want a change in leadership. Mike Villa believes he is the candidate with the leadership experience to make that change. Introduced by Amsterdam businesswoman and Recorder VP of Sales and Marketing, Pat Beck, Villa spoke of his plan to bring much-needed leadership, integrity and fiscal responsibility back to our city. He wants our citizens to once again take pride in the fact they live in Amsterdam, New York. Mike Villa was both grateful and overwhelmed by the large number of people supporting his candidacy.

You can contact Mike Villa or give to his campaign through his website, Mike Villa For Mayor.






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7 thoughts on “The Next Mayor of Amsterdam, Mike Villa

  1. adeline villa

    jerry fabulous pictures thank you for your efforts ..we are so grateful for your time and professionalism.

    adeline villa

    • It was a pleasue to meet such a warm and supportive group of people dedicated to getting Amsterdam back on track with a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

  2. David Maryzak

    Jerry,…Nice job on the images. You can indeed be an agent for change through your photojournalism. Many would suggest sweeping changes to the entire city council, wipe the board clean. Barone, Hatzenbueler, Liggerio, Russo. Old school politicians lacking forward thinking vision, AND uncooperative personalities to boot. Who’s to say they could work well with another leader, you know? But politics at any level is not all nicey, nice. And anyone who steps up to run for office (or club, committee, team, or other organizations.) deserve a nod of credit for doing so. A political friend of ours from Gloversville says there is a saying, something like, “ the voters get who they deserve.” Will look forward to more of your good work. Hoping you are doing alright. I want to get a better feel for shooting soft images of moving water. Maybe take the tripod to the bridge over the Chuctanunda once it starts flowing. Dave


  3. Thanks Dave, many do believe we need change in Amsterdam city government. I believe this change must start from the top. As I was reminded last night by a very intelligent, experienced and proven veteran of the media industry, a true leader does not react, they act! You lead by example and give credit where it is do, to the people that work with you to accomplish a goal. A good leader does not take credit for accomplishments but remains that invisible driving force behind a well oiled machine.

    • Donna Dickerson

      Jerry so very true and great pictures

  4. Nelson

    A good man to back.Great pictures

  5. Thank you.

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