One Hail of a Party

Ronco Construction came to Amsterdam this year to help repair roofs damaged by the hail storm in May. They rented 46 East Main Street with a six month lease and according to project manager Brook Reutter, they are thinking about making that a permanent satellite office for their company. Ronco wanted to sponsor a a block party for the city residents and with input from event organizer Sherri Crouse and Amsterdam Animal Control Officer Gina Kline, it was decided proceeds would go to help neuter or spay the stray animal population. The block party was held Saturday, August 23rd from 4-10pm with food and merchandise vendors, a DJ, live band, mystic readings and face painting.

The event was supposed to include the entire block of East Main Street from Church to Market Street and an event permit was obtained. Apparently an elected official made a call to DOT about the event who then notified Police Chief Culick who in turn told event organizers they needed 120 days notice in order to close the entire street. This resulted in the event being limited to 1/4 of the block, which seemed to accommodate those in attendance. Several city employees and elected officials were in attendance, Animal Control Officer Gina Kline, Director of Economic Development Rob von Hasseln, Alderman Rich Leggiero, Alderwoman Valerie Beekman and Mayor Ann Thane who turned her head and walked away when this taxpaying city resident greeted her with hello.

A big thanks to Sherri Crouse, Ronco Construction and the other volunteers who helped put on this benefit for a worthy cause.

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7 thoughts on “One Hail of a Party

  1. Debby Shover

    OMGosh, Jerry these photos are absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing with everyone.

  2. Leslie

    I just love these photos. It was a great time. I enjoyed meeting you, Gerald, and everyone at the party. All new for me. Everyone there–the vendors and party-ers and the whole Ronco crew were just wonderful. Ronco–how so very nice…you guys were just so excited about this and it showed. Thank you for a great party. And Gerald–thank you for the photo coverage!!!!

  3. Fred

    So let me get this straight, the City (including the Mayor) affiliates with an out of state contractor???

    The Ronco salesman all live out of state-no income tax for their wages will stay in NYS. They all own NO homes in NYS,. The labor crews-you guessed it-all out of State workers.

    As for the local roofers who own homes in Amsterdam and pay property taxes and work and live in the community? Guess they are left by the wayside. Guess nobody asked the mayor for comment on this at the party?

    • RONCO rented a building on Main Street with a 6 month lease to help repair the hundreds of homes damaged by the hail storm in May. They only do repairs covered by insurance claims. Just like the local auto body shops that could not handle all the damage done by the hail storm. They all called in out of state experts to help with the work. While in Amsterdam, these experts live off the local economy. They eat in our restaurants, buy supplies in our hardware stores and contribute to the sales tax base.

      This had nothing to do with the Mayor. If you are a homeowner, you are free to hire who you want to do the work. RONCO has a claims expert on site who is a banker, skilled workers who work efficiently and provide competitive pricing. Who would you pick?

  4. Fred

    Good Question Jerry–I would pick a local roofer, one who installs roofs for a living and lives and works and worships in my community. You describe RONCO has a “claims expert”. Do you know that “claims experts” must be licensed by the NYS Dept of Financial Services as a licensed Adjuster. Guess what-they are unlicensed.

    As for the Mayor, who do you think is “representing” the City of Amsterdam for their many damaged roofs on City owned buildings? One guess Jerry.

    I have no problem with them coming into town and trying to make sales but I’m leery at the City’s (and by proxy the Mayor’s) very quick affiliation with this firm.

    You know the Mayor Jerry, think about it for a minute.

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