Amsterdam’s Summerfest 2014

Sponsored by Centro Civico and Nathan Littauer Hospital, Summerfest 2014 took place from 1-7pm at 143 East Main Street in Amsterdam, New York. The event was geared towards healthy living with local practitioners demonstrating techniques to help achieve that goal. From acupuncture, meditation, Tai Chi to Mazor robotic spinal surgery and making healthy food choices, this event had something for everyone. There was also a bounce house and crafts for kids to take part in. A DJ provided entertainment and there was a variety of local food vendors. People waited patiently for the free schools supplies provided by Centro Civico. Across the street from the event were representatives from the New York State Nurses Association, supporting the unionization of nurses at St Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam. The event was a great way to spend an otherwise gloomy afternoon. 

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One thought on “Amsterdam’s Summerfest 2014

  1. sandy griffin

    Great coverage of the Centro Civico event. Wish i had been up in Amsterdam so I could have attended. It is always great to see the neighborhood communities pulling together with such exciting festivities such as this. Wonderful job to all of the people who worked so effortlessly to bring this on.

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