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Mr. Bala Peri (Balakumar Periyasamy) is an American citizen from Leesburg, Virginia.  He has a wife and two young children with whom he recently shared a cross-country trip making stops at all the National Parks along the way. Bala now works for the IRS in the IT department but plans on retiring and moving his family to New York. Bala’s reason for the move is to oversee his new investment that he hopes will help finance his children’s college education.  Bala’s new investment is the former Park Hill Adult Home at 52 Grove Street in Amsterdam that this blogger previously described in the 2011 article Park Hill Adult Home for Sale and the 2012 article A Copper Caper.

This historic building was once the mansion of an early Amsterdam landowner, it then became a convent for the Sisters of St Joseph who taught at the former St Mary’s School before the transition into an adult home. The original building has two rounded towers nestled on either side of a three-story cross-shaped building. There is a large wrap around porch on the front and eastern side of the building.  All of the original woodwork including complete sets of pocket doors, ornate moulding, staircases and six fireplaces are in excellent condition.  An upstairs room is fitted with stained glass windows bearing religious symbols of the Catholic faith. There were several additions built on the West and back sides of the building including fifty-three patient rooms, an industrial kitchen, day room, dining hall, nurses station and even a beauty salon.

Bala purchased the buildings mortgage from the bank that foreclosed and had traveled back and forth from Leesburg to Amsterdam for the past two weeks to supervise work on his new investment. He began by hiring a team for a much-needed carry out of accumulated junk and a good cleaning.  A security system was installed including video cameras and motion detection alarms. General building maintenance and repair will start very soon.

It has only been two weeks and Bala has already employed five people from this neighborhood to work on his project.  A consulting team has been through the building to advise Bala of the steps he must take to get licensed to run an adult care facility.  Bala will run under the name Trilok Noble Care, Inc.  A member of the consulting team is a retired NYS Department of Health inspector. Bala will be meeting with a representative from NYS Veterans Affairs next week. He would like to open an adult home for Veterans, however the licensing process may take up to 20 months.  In the interim he wants to get his building in working order so he can use it as a bed and breakfast facility.

I commend Bala for his willingness to invest in our city and for his initiative and drive. He previously established a successful adult home in India.  He has three close relatives in the United States who are physicians and will provide needed references.  He has already provided employment for our citizens with the number soon to increase.
























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5 thoughts on “Meet Bala Peri

  1. diane

    Once again the pictures are just beautiful……..especially the stained glass windows and the wood work. I certainly wish the gentlemen much success. The building is just stunning you do not see this type of workmanship in today’s market 🙂

  2. David

    Great story and very positive. Nice for a change. I spent a few years when it was the adult home making stops to do labwork on many of the residents living there. The staff was just incredible and so very caring and the clients were just awesome. The stories they shared of Amsterdam of old and the welcome company of getting to know these wonderful individuals will never be forgotten. I am so pleased to see that Park Hill will be utilized for something so good. Good story and an asset to Amsterdam.

  3. Robert Purtell

    Good luck to Mr. Peri, looks like he is making great progress!

  4. What a gorgeous structure. Your photos show it off so well. It’s so nice that someone is going to preserve it AND make it into something with such meaningful use.

  5. Marie Colistra Pacino

    So happy that this gentleman purchased this beautiful building and will put it to good use. We wish him and his family much success and welcome them into our community!

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