Rock on Amsterdam…Rock on!

The Audiostars kicked off Amsterdam’s 2013 Riverlink Park Concert Series to a delightful crowd of faithful concertgoers. The band consists of J Yager on vocals and guitar, Matt Pirog on lead guitar, Chad Ploss on drums and vocals and Bobbie Van Detta on Bass and vocals. They played high energy classic rock that pleased the crowd of about 400 who were very eager to dance!

Riverlink Park looked great despite local flooding that prevented the docks from being installed. During the concert, visible debris continued to float down the Mohawk River. People were not bothered by the minor distractions and seemed happy to enjoy the outdoor event with no threat of rain! It was a great night.


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9 thoughts on “Rock on Amsterdam…Rock on!

  1. great shots!

  2. diane

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures Jerry 🙂 People were really having a good time 🙂

  3. I am so happy to see everyone having a good time at Riverlink Park. I am sad that my sister, Virginia Whelly who worked so diligently to have this beautiful park come to the full potential stage that it is now in and did not live long enough to see how wonderfully it is being enjoyed! God Bless Riverlink Park and may many more enjoy what it represents! My sister put her entire being to bring this to fruition!!!!

  4. My e-mail did not look correct to me the J looked like an I…

  5. Diane….isn’t it so wonderful seeing everyone enjoying the park!!!! Such a positive thing!!!!! Virginia worked all of her friends and family and more to realize this park!!!! I know,I lived through it and you have no idea how many pies went to Albany!!!!! Haha!!!

  6. david maryzak

    Excellent photos Jerry! The Audiostars are a high-octane party band.

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