Has Spring Fling lost its bling?

Amsterdam, New York’s 3rd Annual Spring Fling street festival was held on Saturday, May 18, 2013, from 10am to 4pm. Although opinions in the local newspaper praised the event as highly successful, it seemed rather lackluster and well… boring. I don’t know if it was me coming down from the celebration of Buddha’s birthday, beautifully orchestrated by the World Peace and Health Organization, or if there was just a general feeling of apathy at Spring Fling. There didn’t seem to be as many people or vendors as last year’s event. The motorcycles were not there this year and it seemed as though vendors were packing up and leaving early. It certainly didn’t help that Main Street was torn up due to the downtown rerouting and resurfacing project. One vendor I spoke with stated that people were not buying like they were last year.

For a fair comparison, I took photos about 2pm for the past two years and photographed from the same place. The photos do not lie.


The rest of the images are from the 2013 Spring Fling Festival


I thought the Police K9 was going for Sno Kone Joe!

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One thought on “Has Spring Fling lost its bling?

  1. lindaelizabeth3749

    Once again, great shots of the event. Wonder if having “groups” perform might not help. i.e.-school band, dance school, a beauty pageant, a fashion show, a talent contest, etc. It’s held only a few weeks before Memorial Day–what about something patriotic (military band)? Who knows??? I see there was a 3-man group that performed–how about a little stage for them so they stand out a little? Really, what do I know? I just hope the event rebounds next year.

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