Feeling a bit embarrassed and sore today as I write this blog entry. With forced hot air heat and no humidifier, it tends to get a little dry in my bedroom on the second floor. About 4:30am I got out of bed to get a drink of water in the downstairs kitchen, the good filtered water from the refrigerator dispenser. Still half asleep, my disabled left arm reached for the handrail as my right foot missed the top step on the back staircase. The stairs are rather narrow, steep and (thankfully) carpeted. My arm never quite got a hold of the handrail as I began traveling down the fourteen steps laterally, bouncing my left buttock and right scapula alternately off each stair until I reached the bottom. My first planking experience was sort of surreal. My mind whirled as my naked body hurled towards the bottom of the staircase. Was this the end? What a dull way to go! I could have at least put some clothes on. I left my phone in the bedroom, how can I call for help? Then that 70’s commercial started playing in my mind, “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Thankfully, the worry was for naught. A little soreness, some carpet burns and this blog entry are all that remain to remind me never to do that again!


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9 thoughts on “Vertigo

  1. Geoffroy Lamarche

    I’m usually not too big on carpeting, but in this instance, I admit it was a blessing. Happy to read that you are doing OK! Take care Jerry!


  2. Too funny. Sorry, but it really is, especially in light of the fact that you’re all right. So here’s an idea. Keep a water bottle next to your bed…

    Love the images!

  3. It was funny! Took only seconds but seemed like an eternity.

  4. Robert hotaling

    glad youre ok.


  5. gina

    Know you know why i always have my water bottle with glad you are ok..i love the photo of the boys ur cats in the photo’s ….

  6. Marie Pacino

    Enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful photography! Sorry about your fall… should keep a bottle of water by your bed so that never happens again! Glad you are all in one piece! Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 13:39:29 +0000 To:

  7. Thanks Marie!

  8. WOW! So glad that you are okay Gerry! You could have broken your neck!!! And the lesson learned from all this??

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