Snowshoeing It

Three members of the Amsterdam Photography Club went on a snowshoeing photo adventure today in a gated land preserve near Johnstown, New York. The beautiful preserve provided many photo ops and the weather was perfect for our four-hour hike. My legs reminded me that I should be doing this kind of thing more often! Our gracious host provided the land and some pizzas and coconut water to recover from the strenuous hike. It was well worth the trip!


















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6 thoughts on “Snowshoeing It

  1. diane

    Awesome pictures Jerry, and a very expensive fence line 🙂

  2. Cudmore Bob

    Enjoyed the pictures, Jerry

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  3. Awww, beautiful images. I’m jealous. If not for the surgery, I would have been there with ya!! In all the years I’ve been going to Hawaii, there has never been this much snow before I left. I really love the 5th image from the bottom–great perspective.

  4. Robert hotaling

    nice pics Jerry.

  5. ~gina

    love your shots Jerry.. i see you are attempting getting outside in the winter again this year to take some amazing photo’s… i discovered it much easier to take photos on wearing snowshoes rather on across country

  6. Really nice pictures!! And the land is awesome!!

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