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Last week my Dad, Frank Skrocki turned eighty-three years old. I drove down to Hudson, NY to visit with him yesterday. We talked about our lives, gardening and cooking. We identified a flowering vine that spread to his yard. He told me about the curious praying mantis that clung to his siding for a couple of days and the different garlic varieties he grew this year. We didn’t talk much about Hudson except for the rooster he heard crowing the day before. The city he knew is gone, replaced by one that is now foreign to him. We took a walk around the block and we were both surprised by changes. We discovered a farmer’s market just a couple hundred feet from his house, the new Democratic headquarters he never knew was just half a block away.

The changes to Hudson are not the kind that most people lament. They are positive changes that brought commerce, people and life back to this once dead river town; but my Dad misses the old days when he still knew all the stores on Warren Street and a lot of the residents by name. Today he barely knows the name of his next door neighbor and I know this is not an isolated situation. It is our changing culture that put most of us in the same situation. I like the changes in Hudson and still have hope that Amsterdam can see the same kind of positive change.

Here are a few sights from Hudson, New York.

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18 thoughts on “Hudson, New York 12534

  1. Happy Birthday to your dad. Good that you could spend that time with him. And a beautiful photo essay about the town.

  2. Thanks Linda.

  3. diane

    Jerry, Loved the pictures as well. Is the photo with a #2 in the middle of an old building a former fire station? Just curious. Hope you had a great day with your dad 🙂

  4. Loree Linde

    Jerry, Nate really enjoyed these pictures and your remarks about your Dad. Nate really does not read much any more. He is doing pretty good. He will turn 80 on November 23. We both miss the old days too. Our love to you and your Dad. Uncle Nate and Aunt Loree

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  5. Thomas DAnnunzio

    Hi Jerry, Nice post!!!

    Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2012 22:53:03 +0000 To:

  6. Nancy

    Love your post, Jerry! Happy Birthday to your Dad. You are so blessed to still have your Dad to share stories & walks with…I wish my parents, Bill & Josie Hanna, were still with us. Great photos of Hudson. Thanks for sharing! Nancy (Hanna) Portz

    • Thanks Nancy. You remind me of the North 3rd and Robinson Street neighborhood. remember Charles Williams summer playground pizza parties and movie night, Patsy’s store, the clay mountains and Indian chalk?

  7. Rosemary

    Very nice article. I grew up in East Taghkanic and spent many a day and night in Hudson. I can appreciate what your dad said about knowing all the old stores and familiar faces. I go back now to visit my mother in law who still lives in that area and I get amazed everytime we journey through Hudson and Greenport. They sure aren’t the towns I spent my youth driving around in. Happy Birthday to your father, and please keep up the articles and pictures, because it is nice to still see, “Home.” 🙂

  8. Thank you Rosemary. I live in Amsterdam, NY now and don’t get down to Hudson often enough. I really want to do a photo project of the places in Hudson I remember from my childhood.

  9. Rob

    Nice pics Jerry. Your Dad looks great as usual. I need to go with you next time to see him again!

  10. Tom Konow

    Nice pictures Jerry-I used to be in a “band” with Tim and we’d play in the garage out back in the late 70’s-Franks had and has a great heart.

  11. Great pictures! I lived on n. 2nd street not far from some of the pictures you took. Many memories. I now live in Sussex, Wi.

  12. robert purtell

    Great pictures of your Father Jerry, his face tells many stories without speaking a word. I have a good friend who is 91, when I talk to him I can feel his experience transferring to me like osmosis.

  13. As usual, superb photos.

    Some other thoughts:

    1) Happy Birthday to your Dad. He must be quite a fellow (apples don’t fall far from the tree). And, like I suspect my dad was (he never talked much about this), probably is very proud of your service to nation, state, and now community.

    2) Hudson is a great example for Amsterdam to learn from. Their major industry (whaling) folded much before ours, and more definitively, and yet they have been able to come back. I see these pictures and dream of a day you will be able to take similar shots in Amsterdam. Sooner than later.

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