Hope Falls

This week I had the opportunity to photograph a waterfalls in Hamilton County, New York at the base of the Adirondacks. Tennant Creek Falls, more popularly known as Hope Falls is just off of Route 30 north of the Sacandaga. Arriving at the parking area near the trailhead, you are greeted with a plethora of signs to keep you off adjacent private property and advising you to vote Republican. The hike to the falls along the Tennant Creek is relatively short, but the right of way does cut through private property. Signs remind you not to wander off the established trail. My photographer friend Linda Buckman was kind enough to invite me on this hike to a beautiful, serene and relatively untouched part of upstate New York. The day was overcast with a 50% chance of rain. Starting out early Tuesday morning we were able to beat the rain and get some wonderful photos.

Kudos to Ed Smathers for giving a presentation on waterfall photography at last month’s meeting of the Amsterdam Photography Club at the Coffee Beanery. I was able to use some of the techniques Ed spoke about to get my waterfall images.

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4 thoughts on “Hope Falls

  1. gina

    I Love how you added this video clip.
    I felt like i was there with you.. The sound was very relaxing and it made me wish i was there.

  2. That’s one of my favorite places on earth. I go there several times a year. When it’s not so rainy, you should hike further in … there are two more waterfalls a ways up the trail. It’s a bit of a haul, but well worth the hike!

  3. diane

    Jerry, Have you ever thought about putting a calendar together from all the pics you take?

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