Boxing in Amsterdam

The City of Amsterdam, New York hosted a rare boxing event in Shuttleworth Park on Saturday, August 11, 2012. A friend gave me a ticket, so of course I had to photograph the event. I was only able to stay for about an hour and would miss the local fighters whose featured matches would come up later. One such fighter and native Amsterdamian is now on the Professional Mixed Martial Arts circuit. Tommy Marcellino was kind enough to pose for me.

Photographing boxing is not an easy task. Aside from the quick-moving pace, the referee is always jumping right in front of the boxers, blocking potential shots. The padded ropes surrounding the boxing ring often conceal the boxers faces, especially the shorter boxers.

Carl Strock, a columnist with the Schenectady Gazette is really proficient at photographing boxers. I’ve seen some of his work, capturing the boxer’s expression as he is just hit in the jaw; drops of saliva frozen in mid-air as it is forced out by the momentum of a punch. I didn’t get any of that.

Tommy Marcellino

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