The 4th Annual Riverlink Jamboree

Four acts with over six hours of continual entertainment, presented free of charge by the Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation and its corporate sponsors. It was another steamy Saturday afternoon with rain looming on the horizon. Luckily, the rain held off and breezes off the Mohawk River helped move the cloud cover. The clouds were actually shielding us from the scorching sun, now very present with little shade. It was hot and so were some of the groups performing at Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park. The docks were full of boats, the Riverlink Café full of diners and the park, unfortunately was not full of people to hear the wonderful music presented. This was the first concert starting at 3pm this year. I’m sure many were confused because a good number showed up at the usual 7pm starting time.

I have many images to share that took me many hours to process. This week Rebecca Webster of the Recorder beat me to the punch, posting both her story and photos of the concert to the online version of the Recorder last night. She did an outstanding job. Please check out her article.

Here are my photos:






The Nellies



Rusty Belle



Dan Johnson and His Expert Sidemen

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8 thoughts on “The 4th Annual Riverlink Jamboree

  1. Laura

    Great pics!! My daughter (the dancer!!), a friend and myself are in one of your shots… we look a bit unhappy but we weren’t… could have been between sets or just a bit hot… We had a great time!!

    • Laura,
      Thanks for the compliment. I would also like to thank you, your daughter and friend for being the unsuspecting subject of a couple of my photos. I think the photo of the three of you is the best of the bunch!

  2. Dan Johnson

    Jerry – great pictures – would it be okay to post a couple to our Facebook page with credits?

    To the dancer and parent – you guys were awesome!

    • Thanks Dan,

      I would prefer you posted a link to my blog on your Facebook page. I have more
      images of your band that do not appear on the blog. I’ll send you a couple.

  3. Gerald – Peggy from the Nellies here – realllllly great pictures ! Thank you so much. Can I link your blog to The Nellies Web page? I’d also like to request a couple of the photos to post to our web page – happy to pay you and give you credit. You can email me at

    • Thank you Peggy! Please feel free to link to my blog. I also have many more images of the Nellies that are not on my blog. I’ll send you an email!

  4. Kudos to the Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation for giving me a mention on their Riverlink Park Concert website and a link to my blog The Grove Street Photographer! Please stop down Saturday, August 11 at 7pm to hear Skeeter Creek.

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