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The Tichy Boys

The last concert of the 2012 season for Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park drew a large crowd. The Tichy Boys with Johnny Rabb performed their Rockabilly style music, entertaining those who ventured out on this beautiful summer evening.

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Singer Songwriter Festival

This special presentation at Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park showcased a group of young singers presenting their own original material. The event lasted from 3-9PM with continuous music save the necessary sound checks. The depth and maturity of some of the material presented was amazing. From beautiful emotion filled ballads to fun, comical songs, these singers and songwriters showcased their talent and their voices to an appreciative audience. The singers in order of performance were:

Olivia Quillio and Dylan Perillo
Evan Gavry
Victoria Bouffard
Ben KN
Holly and Evan

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Skeeter Creek

Voted #1 Country Band in the Capital Region, Skeeter Creek performed at Amsterdam’s RiverLink Park to a packed crowd on Saturday night. The rain held off for the concert this week, but the humidity was up there. That didn’t stop people from dancing!

Paul Gavry, President of the Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation introduced the band and asked for contributions to help keep quality music coming to Riverlink Park. Every concert at the park is free of charge. The bands are paid with funding provided by corporate sponsors and donations, so if you can give, please do.

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Boxing in Amsterdam

The City of Amsterdam, New York hosted a rare boxing event in Shuttleworth Park on Saturday, August 11, 2012. A friend gave me a ticket, so of course I had to photograph the event. I was only able to stay for about an hour and would miss the local fighters whose featured matches would come up later. One such fighter and native Amsterdamian is now on the Professional Mixed Martial Arts circuit. Tommy Marcellino was kind enough to pose for me.

Photographing boxing is not an easy task. Aside from the quick-moving pace, the referee is always jumping right in front of the boxers, blocking potential shots. The padded ropes surrounding the boxing ring often conceal the boxers faces, especially the shorter boxers.

Carl Strock, a columnist with the Schenectady Gazette is really proficient at photographing boxers. I’ve seen some of his work, capturing the boxer’s expression as he is just hit in the jaw; drops of saliva frozen in mid-air as it is forced out by the momentum of a punch. I didn’t get any of that.

Tommy Marcellino

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Horse Tales and Cocktails

My second event on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, was to photograph the annual end of the season fundraiser for the Friends of Sanford Stud Farm. It was held at the Broodmare Barn just off route 30 by Walgreens in the Town of Amsterdam. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvre were served to a group of devoted horse racing fans. Jaime Studd wrote a great article about the event, published in the Wednesday edition of the Recorder.

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A Hike in Fultonville

A two-hour hike in Fultonville, NY along a ridge overlooking the Schoharie Creek, provided a great opportunity to get some exercise and take some photos. Jennie Wong of the World Peace and Health Organization was gracious enough to invite me to join the Buddhist group as they hiked along their property line. We were able to see the damage done by last year’s flood. Large sections of land were wiped out as the creek’s ravaging waters uprooted century old trees.

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The 4th Annual Riverlink Jamboree

Four acts with over six hours of continual entertainment, presented free of charge by the Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation and its corporate sponsors. It was another steamy Saturday afternoon with rain looming on the horizon. Luckily, the rain held off and breezes off the Mohawk River helped move the cloud cover. The clouds were actually shielding us from the scorching sun, now very present with little shade. It was hot and so were some of the groups performing at Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park. The docks were full of boats, the Riverlink Café full of diners and the park, unfortunately was not full of people to hear the wonderful music presented. This was the first concert starting at 3pm this year. I’m sure many were confused because a good number showed up at the usual 7pm starting time.

I have many images to share that took me many hours to process. This week Rebecca Webster of the Recorder beat me to the punch, posting both her story and photos of the concert to the online version of the Recorder last night. She did an outstanding job. Please check out her article.

Here are my photos:






The Nellies



Rusty Belle



Dan Johnson and His Expert Sidemen

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Marketing the City of Amsterdam: Part 1

The Basics – What’s Out There?

The Official Tourism Site for the State of New York  is usually the first website people will visit to get information about a New York State destination. Looking at the regional map we would assume Amsterdam is located in the Central New York region. Clicking on the map of NY Central Region opens the tourism website for Central New York.

Montgomery County is not listed as part of  the Central, or any region on the NYS region map!

On the NYS Official Tourism website, we can click on the header CITIES & TOWNS, from there we are presented with an entry box where you can type in Amsterdam. You are then presented with the following description:

What is wrong with this picture? First of all Amsterdam is listed as a town. There is a town of Amsterdam, but the site is describing the city of Amsterdam. The Noteworthy Indian Museum has been closed for some time now. The Walter Elwood Museum closed since last year’s flood.  None of the underlined links are working. The majority of the locations described (Fort Johnson, Lake George, Halcyon Farm B&B, The Brown House) are neither in the town or city of Amsterdam.  There is no Visitor Center or garden at Riverlink Park.

Clicking on the SEE & DO tab for Amsterdam brings up the following:

Out of the five Locations listed, only the Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course is operational and in Amsterdam. The New York State Outdoorsman Hall of Fame is in Vail Mills/Broadalbin.

Clicking on the EVENTS tab gives us the following for Amsterdam:

Finally, clicking on the STAY tab brings this up:

Here we have some useful information, places to stay actually in the city and town of Amsterdam (along with a few that are not).

Overall, I would say the New York State Tourism website failed in terms of marketing Amsterdam. The outdated information and lack of an accurate, viable description of our  history and local events is not helping. The NYS Tourism link to the Amsterdam Mohawks baseball website and schedule is dead. Updated links, including the Riverlink Park Concert Series, would draw more people to this area.

Failure to include Montgomery County or Amsterdam in any of the identified regions is just inexcusable.

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