Annie and the Hedonists

The third installment of Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park Concert Series took place Saturday night featuring Annie and the Hedonists. Their acoustic sound was bluegrass, ballads and early jazz. There were about 200 people in attendance, a variety of ages.

Riverlink Park looks progressively better each week. The new floating docks are installed, a big improvement! They are wider than the old storm-swept docks, making room for smaller boats to pull up to the park and have dinner or enjoy the show. It was a clear, relatively cool night and Annie sounded great as she belted out one tune after the next.

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2 thoughts on “Annie and the Hedonists

  1. Great pictures – I always enjoy your photos you capture so much. Good Work

    • Thanks Rick!
      My work on the Riverlink Park Concert Series is a labor or love, an expression of gratitude, my way of contributing to the marketing and promotion of Amsterdam. The offering of my images was readily accepted by Paul Gavry of Amsterdam’s Waterfront Foundation who displays them on the Riverlink Park Concert Series webite.

      The same offer to Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane was rejected. I have many beautiful images of Amsterdam that could be used for marketing our city, if only in the spirit of cooperation, the Mayor was willing to accept them.

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