Grove Street Pond

It finally rained today! We really needed it; but with the past few rains, Grove Street experienced a phenomenon usually limited to streets closer to the river.

Grove Street in Amsterdam, NY is high enough in elevation not to experience flooding from the nearby Mohawk River. The last few times it has rained, a blocked storm drain changed all that as Grove Street became a pond. Watch as cars, trucks and even a motorcycle try to navigate the waters. The last car in the video decided not to risk it and turns around to go the wrong way down the one-way street.

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7 thoughts on “Grove Street Pond

  1. diane

    So glad for the rain Jerry, especially for the farmers. However, if Amsterdam cleaned their storm drains annually, they would not have this problem. It has not been done in the 12 years I have lived here…….instead they use the big yellow vac to clean out the rocks from their other digs 🙂 Now that is an awesome use for an expensive piece of equipment 🙂 NOT

    • Amsterdam Fire Department responded and cleared out the debris from the top of the storm drain as a temporary fix. It did drain the water, but the problem will reoccur until the storm drain is properly serviced. As you well know, this end of town is not high on their priority list.

  2. diane

    Lack of routine maintenance does not help the condition of the city at all. This administration is contributing to it by not requiring that Halgas get on the ball and do something about it. But since the mayor worships Halgas and does not hold him responsible for doing his job, the taxpayer is paying the price, as usual.

    • Agree and know you’re right 100%. But bet you bet me if somebody passes along this post—or your post for that matter—you’ll be badmouthed by Ray. It’s a joke to many, Diane.

  3. WOW! i never remembered that about Grove Street! Sure was a surprise seeing that!!

  4. Totally agree with the both of you, Diane and Jerry. I’m on the inside and I know what’s going on, but no-one is listening. Add to this, no-one has the gumption, guts or intelligence to see through it all, top down.

  5. I sent this blog post to the Common Council and Codes Department. I did get a response from Alderman Isabel who forwarded the post to the City Engineer.

    Whether they act on this or not, is the question. It would seem that the liability for any damages caused by the situation now lies with the city.

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