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Chandler Travis Philharmonic

Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park Concert Series kicked off Saturday evening with the return of the Chandler Travis Philharmonic. With over two hundred people in attendance, the overcast sky finally gave way to a little sunshine for the evening performance. After smoothing out a few glitches with the sound and the interruption of a train passing by, the band performed their repertoire of fun and familiar tunes enticing a few brave souls to dance. Riverlink Park looked great with a few safety hazards covered by orange cones. There were two boats docked at the park on the Mohawk River.  Surprisingly, the new docks budgeted for and ordered by the City’s Recreation Director are still not here; but I digress….on with the show this is it!

Many thanks to Amsterdam’s Waterfront Foundation for the work that they do to bring us this free entertainment every summer. The Waterfront Foundation is one of the organizations that I believe in and has my expressed permission to use the photos on this page for their promotional purposes.  All others must contact me if they wish to copy or reproduce these Copyrighted images in any way.

A printable schedule of the Riverlink Park Concert Series can be found here.

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