Sanford Stud Farm Open House

It wasn’t the kind of day they had hoped for, but the Friends of the Sanford Stud Farm still entertained a good number of people today during their open house just off route 30, next to Walgreens in the Town of Amsterdam. The rain kept some people away and according to volunteer coordinator Scott Friers, only five cars showed up from the scheduled New Wave Cruiser’s Car Club because of the weather. By the time I arrived at 2:00pm, there were only two cars left; but the show must go on and inside the barn there were an array of vendors and prizes to be raffled off.  Montgomery County Board of Elections had a booth encouraging voter registration.  I even signed on to be an election inspector.  Representatives from Historic Amsterdam League were there raising money for the organizations historic marker program. Bob Cudmore was there selling his books with the profits going to charities. There was food and a kettle corn vendor.  There was a bouncy house for the kids and horses in the barns once again. It was a nice diversion even for a rainy day, all for a worthy cause.

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4 thoughts on “Sanford Stud Farm Open House

  1. It was nice running into you again today. You certainly are a wonderful photographer and thank you so much for taking such great photos of my daughter’s horse! I hope you don’t mind, but I posted a link to this site and pixs on her horse’s FB Page:!/CherrydaleSuddenImpact We have gone to the open house for the past two years and it is certainly a lovely family event and it was nice to participate in it this year.

    • Jennifer, thanks for bringing your daughter’s horse to the event! It really made my day. Sorry for the late posting of your comment, WordPress put it in the spam folder because of the link to your Facebook site. I found it today.

  2. Bob Cudmore

    Hi Jerry, Great photos as always. Thanks for the kind words about my book “Stories from the Mohawk Valley.” I do donate a portion of the proceeds to charity but also retain some of the money. As I mentioned to you at the event, kudos for your work as a neighborhood watcher on Grove Street. Bob Cudmore

  3. Thanks Bob, for the compliment and your clarification about the book proceeds. I am more than willing to donate my time and photos to a worthy cause. In the Copper Caper on Grove Street, my photos actually facilitated an arrest.

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