Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday

The public was invited to celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday today at the Five Buddha Temple in Amsterdam, New York. The World Peace and Health Organization sponsored a celebration that included an introductory discussion about Memorial Day and Buddha, followed by costumed dance, ballet, Chinese Opera and a demonstration of Tai Chi. Refreshments were served after the performances. It was a great way to start the day.


Thanks to everyone who read this blog entry today, it has the highest one day viewing of any of my other posts with 1,480 total views!

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One thought on “Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday

  1. Pat

    As a Roman Catholic who later converted to Buddhism (totally different sect), I find the church stained glass windows an interesting dichotomy in a Buddhist Temple. Brings back memories of mornings spent in St Mary’s church, but in a whole new manner that I can identify with. Great pictures, thanks for posting them!

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