Jewel of the Mohawk

I love Riverlink Park!  It is truly one of the best attractions in Amsterdam.  Access to the Mohawk River is crucial to economic development.  It is after all, the reason Amsterdam was settled. In spite of the damage done to this beautiful river in the industrial era, it continues to be a source of recreation, travel and tourism for the Central New York Region.  It will be Amsterdam’s saving grace.

This is my 12th blog entry about Riverlink Park. I was covering the Riverlink Concert Series last season and donated my images to the Waterfront Foundation to promote the park. Here are links to some of last years concerts:

Chandler Travis Philharmonic     Tony’s Polka Band     Jim Gaudet and the Railroad Boys

Michael Poulopoulos, Matt Durfee, Michael Eck and Tom Lindsey

One Sweet World

I was there when artist Alice Manzi was installing her Painted Rock Sculpture for Riverlink Park Phase II and happened to catch Congressman Paul Tonko there as well in this entry titled Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Of course there are times when I just want to see a little more done by our City Administrators to keep this precious jewel polished. The following articles were posted to get a little cooperation and bring attention to some much-needed work in the park.

Riverlink Park      Locked Gate     Phase II

On March 19, 2012,  I wrote this article: Riverlink Park Needs Help.

Given the history presented here, you can conclude that I really do care about this park and want the best for the citizens of Amsterdam.  Some may disagree with the methods I use to make my point, but it has proven to be effective. You can’t go through the world with blinders on ignoring everything and everyone you judge as negative. There are many roads to the same destination.

With that said, I present today’s photos of Riverlink Park. It is Memorial Day weekend and the park still needs work to get it ready for the season. Why is our park and Concession not ready for business on the traditional start of summer?  Where are the new floating boat docks needed to dock at Riverlink Park? Why are the boat electrical hookups not completed? Why are the missing lampposts not replaced? Why aren’t the park benches painted? It seems all the city’s efforts went in to repairing the concession stand and erecting a tent. We are only getting $300 rent for the entire season from the concessionaire. We are loosing potential revenue from boat docking fees that could be charged if we were ready

The 2012 Riverlink Concert Series begins on July 7th with the return of the Chandler Travis Philharmonic. The full schedule of performers can be found here. It is a great venue and it’s free!

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9 thoughts on “Jewel of the Mohawk

  1. diane

    Once again Beautiful pictures Jerry.

    The boat docks have been ordered at a cost of 110,000.00. Insurance is paying for part of it. I understand the park maintenance man quit, as they kept dumping more and more on him. The restaurant does not fully open until school is out, as the operators are school teachers, is what I was told. They have opened part time on the weekends in June before. I think Rob only has 4 people working for him right now and he is trying to get everything up and running, meaning all the parks and getting all the public areas that need mowing done.

  2. Scott Friers

    What does fully opened mean? My wife and I were going to stop for lunch on a Sunday last summer only to find out they were not open. We both work Saturdays so Sunday is the best time for us to enjoy the park. I would think the weekend would be the busiest time for the park and expected the cafe to be open. Oh well……

  3. diane

    Scott, All I can tell you is they are not open on week days in June. Last year they were open some weekends I thought, but maybe not. Call city hall 841-4311 and ask if there is a schedule yet……. good Luck. I understand the food is fabulous.

  4. Scott Friers

    The food can be great but if they’re not open to try it it’s not benefitting anyone. I don’t think I should have to call City Hall….It’s my understanding that they are open Saturdays. I would expect them to be open Saturday and Sunday. I would think the weekend would be the busiest time for the park.

  5. Scott Friers

    According to their menu on the City’s website they are open for lunch Tue-Sat 11-3 and dinner Thur-Sat 4-9. I just wish they were open on Sunday……

  6. diane

    Scott, It makes sense to me that they would be open on Sundays. There must be a reason. The mayor has been a big supporter of these folks that is why I suggested you call her office. I do not go down there as a general rule, but Sunday should be an ideal day to be open say from 10-5. The only other thing would be to speak up at the next cc meeting to express your concerns, which seem legitimate to me.

  7. diane

    Scott, I just read an ad in today’s paper with the Cafe times as being thru Sat with no Sunday’s at all. This is something that should be brought up before the cc and should be made a part of the contract, that he open on Sundays. Last I ckd it was part of the weekend. It will not happen this season, but should happen for next year if it is brought out into the open.

  8. diane

    Jerry, Sorry, but I think the hours are too limited. It is obvious they are only after the dinner crowd and could care less about folks coming down in the afternoon for a sandwich or dessert. He needs to be open more hours and especially on Sat and Sun afternoons. Thanks for the link.

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