Amsterdam’s Spring Fling

Donna Dickerson and the Spring Fling Committee did an outstanding job this year organizing Amsterdam’s 2nd annual Spring Fling. It was bigger and better than last years event. There was music, food, drink, a car show, a bike show, a Wresting Hall of Fame induction.  There were snakes and lawyers, clowns and politicians, although you would be hard pressed at times to tell the difference. There were religious groups and my friends in the World Peace and Health Organization were there with gifts of surveillance cameras they want to give to our City to help the Amsterdam Police keep an eye on things. There were twice as many vendors as last year and it seemed three times as many visitors as Amsterdam’s Main Street turned into a sea of people on this hot day in May.

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story.

There are so many images, I had to make use of the slide show feature to view them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For those that want to compare, last years Spring Fling images can be found here


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4 thoughts on “Amsterdam’s Spring Fling

  1. Alderman Isabel

    Jerry, Thanks for the great pictures, wish i could take pictures like you. We should post a set of these in city hall. It was like old Amsterdam. Hats off to Donna.

  2. robert purtell

    as always great photos Jerry

  3. I did see these the other day. Great images. I was there that day, but obviously wasn’t as inspired as you.

  4. Thanks for the compliments! I do work hard to promote the Arts and the City of Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I have been blacklisted by Mayor Ann Thane who is not willing to overlook our political differences to find some common ground in promoting the Center for the Arts or the City of Amsterdam.

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