A Tour of the Sanford Stud Farm

The Friends of Sanford Stud Farm is a not for profit corporation formed to preserve the remaining buildings of a horse farm once owned and operated by Steven Sanford who was a carpet manufacturing innovator turned racing entrepreneur in the late 1870s. Race winning thoroughbreds were bred, raised and trained at the Sanford Stud Farm. The building that now houses Amsterdam City Hall was the former home of the Sanford family.

On Saturday, May 5, 2012, Sam Hildebrandt and Scott Friers gave a tour of the Stud Farm now owned by the Town of Amsterdam.  Historian, author and WVTL radio personality, Bob Cudmore was the guest speaker who gave a history of some of the famous big money winning horses. Only a few of the original buildings remain as most of the farm was sold to developers who built a strip mall on what was once the horse training track.

Two barns were restored by the group with the cooperation of the Town of Amsterdam. Their hope is that it will become a visitors center so the legacy of the Sanford Stud Farm will not be forgotten. My contribution to the effort are these photos.

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4 thoughts on “A Tour of the Sanford Stud Farm

  1. Scott Friers

    The Friends of Sanford Stud Farm and I would like to THANK YOU for sharing your amazing photos from yesterday’s event!!!!!! We hope you found the tour to be fun and informative. Thanks for supporting the FSSF!!!!! We hope to see you again……

  2. Jerry:

    Thanks for attending yesterday and for these great photos. As many as I have taken personally (literally in the hundreds or more) of Sanford Stud, someone always comes up with a new interesting angle, as is the case with these.

    Thanks again. I hope to see you again on June 9, July 24 and August 7th.


  3. diane

    There is just something about the pictures that Jerry takes that just captures the beauty in the scene 🙂

  4. Great images of the horse farm. Love the different perspectives.

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