R2-D2, it is you, It Is You !

By day they are real estate agents, blueprint makers and highway department employees but when they clock out they become Storm Troopers, Boba Fett and R2-D2.  Chris Simonds, Bob Thayer and Tim Harris are members of Garrison Excelsior, the 501st Legion of Upstate, New York. They pride themselves as being the World’s Definitive Imperial Costuming Organization, specializing in Star Wars characters.

This group paid a visit to a full house of the Mohawk Valley Creative Alliance monday night at the Coffee Beanery in Amsterdam, New York along with a working replica of R-2D-2 operated by remote control with all the authentic sounds, lights and movements you would expect. The handmade costumes sanctioned by George Lucas, are incredibly detailed down to the scratches and wear marks seen in the original movie versions.

Garrison Excelsior participates in Comic-Con conventions and make charitable appearances for Star Wars fans young and old. Chris Simonds R-2D-2 Unit even made an appearance on the Today Show in New York.

After a presentation explaining how their passion is turned into real costumes using ordinary equipment and some made to order parts from specialty shops, the costuming trio held a hands on demonstration followed by a question and answer period.

A big shout out to Jessica Murray and the Mohawk Creative Alliance for arranging this extraordinary presentation!

The Mohawk Valley Creative Alliance is advocating for the use of City owned property at 305 East Main Street  as a Community Art Center. With the large number of members that attended last night’s event, they are going to need a larger meeting space!

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2 thoughts on “R2-D2, it is you, It Is You !

  1. robert purtell

    Imagine that, real estate agents that are creative, who would have thought!

  2. carol jordan

    I personally think that real estate agents have to be very creative to sell houses. It is never easy selling houses or property without stating the facts when asked, and an agent must be loyal to both the seller and truthful to the buyer, so they must create possibilities that could be achieved through the new owners possible changes that might make the home more attractive to the buyer. When we bought our home over 30 years ago I stated that I couldn’t live with the kitchen the way it looked, and the agent simply mentioned that with a little paint, some new linoleum and minor costs, we could have the kitchen I could enjoy. It worked and now the home is ours, and continues to go through many changes because of that encouragement at the time of sale. If I had simply been shown the house and not been told of it’s positive points, I simply wouldn’t have bought it.
    SO, YES, Bob, real estate agents are creative… !

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