Last of the Leaves

Just about all the leaves are gone on Grove Street. With the unusually warm weather this year they seemed to cling on to the trees longer than last. I’ve been snapping a few photos with my iPhone for the past few weeks during the morning catwalk.

I find it ironic that my house is sandwiched between two churches.


My hedges produced these blue berries this year.

Ok this next photo was taken in August, but wouldn’t this rectory building from the former St Michael’s Church make a great homeless shelter? I know the City and Interfaith Partnership are looking for a place. Maybe a deal could be worked out with the Buddhists who own the building. It would help curb the urban decay here and bring some life back to the block.

All photos on this page taken with the iPhone4 are Copyrighted.  In fact I spent the better part of last weekend  organizing, registering and submitting copies of ALL my original blog photos with the US Copyright Office.

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2 thoughts on “Last of the Leaves

  1. W Murphy

    How is it not violating codes to simply place plywood over perfectly good windows? Amazing what’s happened to many of our historic buildings in this city.

    • The building was broken into twice this year and the reaction of the WPHO was to board up the building. There was a side window smashed in the second break in. Living in Auriesville, it is difficult for them to properly oversee and maintain this property. The Buddhists do use the former church building as their Goddess of Mercy Temple and they had a service there just last night. The WPHO spend very little time on the property and IMHO, if the rectory building was rented to the Interfaith Organization, a source of income would be realized and the occupied building would ward off vandals and thieves that find these unoccupied properties so appealing. Both organizations currently have tax exempt status and I see no reason for that to change with a rental to another tax exempt organization.

      I think a well run shelter would not harm the neighborhood that is currently zoned R-2 and is scheduled to change to Downtown Core (all inclusive zone) if and when the Common Council ever gets around to adopting the rewritten zoning ordinances we worked so hard to develop.

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