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There is bound to be last-minute drama as the clock ticks down to Election Tuesday. The slugfest has already started. The current Mayor must be fuming over the Recorder, the City’s official newspaper, endorsing  her opponent Joe Emanuele III for Mayor of Amsterdam.  Ann Thane came out of her corner swinging as she accused Joe Emanuele of campaign finance fraud in her blog Amsterdancin’. In the post sleight of hand, Thane states:

I am baffled by the claim that Joe Emanuele is paying for his materials, when his NYS Board of Elections Campaign Finance Reports do not show this activity or the resources to produce them.

She goes on to suggest that we check the campaign finance reports and see for ourselves. So I did.

The latest reports listed on the site were the 11 Day Pre-General Election reports

Friends of Joe Emanuele, 49 Coolidge Road, Amsterdam, NY 12010, listed as the committee managing the Emanuele campaign finances.  (Joe Emanuele’s address)

The Emanuele campaign took in a total of $13, 607.40 with $95.00 unitemized.

His largest contributor was CCS Telecom who donated $5,000 ($4,000 of that contribution is listed as being returned).

$2,518.00 from a fundraiser

$1000.00 from Hayes & Wormuth, Inc, 207 Wallins Corners Rd, Amsterdam, NY 12010

$500. from Theodore J. Danz

$100. from Casale Public Affairs who was later hired to manage Emanuele’s campaign eventually earning a total of $2,000 (so far reported)

Friends of Ann Thane, 2 Norris Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010, listed as the committee managing the Thane campaign finances. (Philip Lyford’s address)

The Thane campaign took in a total of $12, 192.00 with $4,792.00 unitemized and $1,500. owed to Phil Lyford her campaign manager.

Thane’s contributions came from a variety of sources:

The largest contributor were 4 members of the Raeburn family from Balston Spa and Lockport, NY who’s combined donations totaled $3,500.

$500. from Paul Tonko.

$300. from Legal Focus Consultants, 12 Stuyvesant Oval Apts MA, New York, New York 10009. Gee, who could that be?

$100. from RB Catering LLC, 3 Boulder Bend, Scotia, NY 12010 who soon after were awarded another 3 year contract for the Riverlink Café without going out for bid.

$150. from CT Mall ASS PC another contractor that does business with the City.

It looks like you have to give to a campaign fund to get hired. There are several examples of this on both candidates financial disclosures. I’m more uncomfortable with the unitemized contributions than what the candidates did or didn’t pay for advertising.

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19 thoughts on “Show Me the Money!

  1. Surely you are not suggesting that Legal Focus Consultants is a non-existent entity serving as a phony front to disguise a financial contribution from a person who is in no way shape or manner involved in Mayor Thane’s campaign? A person with multiple identities, perhaps?

    • Rob Millan

      A quick check of the Deptartment of Statement’s website reveals that corporation to in fact be a legitimate business established as a S Corporation.
      There is no front.
      You should start a gossip column.

      • Rob Millan

        Department of State, obviously not Statement. Autocorrect.

        • Oddly enough, given your past reputation for veracity, a quick search of the DOS business entity records produces no such thing.
          Nor is the DOS in the business of determining legitimacy. We must consult Anthony Rullison on this, don’t you think?

        • “No business entities were found for legal focus consultants.

          “Please refine your search criteria.”

        • Rob Millan

          LegalFocus is one word.
          Try again, tier-three law school grad.

        • Well, let’s see. I actually graduated from a law school that gave me a good enough education that I passed the bar exam (first time, too). If you’d like me to just PRETEND I’ve been to law school, like some people, I could PRETEND I went to Harvard.

          So let’s get this straight, in order to find the listing for this phony company you have to know that it’s spelled wrong in the election finance filing? And how would one know that, unless one is a person who is actually involved in attempting to show that someone other than himself is making the contribution? Say, somebody who’s been running vile attack blogs anonymously who has no involvement whatsoever in the Thane campaign?

      • So here we have an investment corporation with no office, no telephone, no contact info, no web site, no Google references of any kind other than those picked up from a registration listing and this blog, with an address strangely reminiscent of a New York City neighborhood formerly frequented by a blogger named Tatum Stevens, an imaginary male/female single mother with kids lawyer whatever with multiple identities, that suddenly, out of the blue, makes a $300 campaign contribution to an obscure upstate New York mayor, and you’re suggesting that Jerry and I shouldn’t find that just a bit curious? Especially on the heels of a previous filing that listed a non-existent person in Delaware as a major contributor?

        • Rob Millan

          You continue to prove my point, Robert, in that you are dead set on focusing on an identity versus the point someone makes, and then arrive at bizarre conclusions based on mere assumptions, such as that company being an investment firm (it is not), which would beg the question of whether or not you even checked for the appropriate SEC filing (you didn’t and shouldn’t, since, again, it isn’t an investment firm). You know positively nothing about me other than I have written about on an obscure blog out of upstate new York. It’s as simple as that.
          You again proved my point in that in your attempt to research this company, you failed to apply any due diligence whatsoever.
          Who said there’s no website? Who said there’s no phone? Who said Rullison is fictitious? The answer for all is the same: you don’t know.
          Also, in-house’ers need not be admitted in New York. You should know that, but again, your attention deficit seems to have you focused elsewhere.
          Who gives a crap who donates money to a campaign? And why on earth is your focus on an individual out of Delaware versus the illegal $5,000 donation from a company? There is absolutely nothing barring out-of-staters from donating money or providing in-kind services for a campaign. I cannot believe I have to explain that to you; or maybe you know that, but continue to make issues of otherwise non-issues in an attempt to run interference and make it seem as if it is in fact illegal or at least suspicious. You pulled the same stunt on the Venner Vox for a similarly-related topic.
          So when someone replies to you in agreement, it’s fine. When they disagree, it’s an ‘attack’. How fair of you.
          About the only thinking you’re upset with is someone smarter than you, younger than you, with absolutely no ties to any Amsterdam family, Amsterdam business, or Amsterdam politics dare apply a challenge to your train of ideology which has previously allowed you to go unabated. It irks you to the point where you’d rather ‘take care’ of your little ‘problem’ lest that ‘problem’ actually gain a following in popularity. You even went so far as to ‘release an entire record’ of me, which for the record, does not exist.

        • Rob Millan

          I can assure you, it is most certainly not an investment firm. That website appears to be a ‘directory’ that just lists companies, probably for the purpose of throwing a sales pitch. If you got the idea that it was in fact an investment firm from that site, then I apologize for calling you out, as you were misinformed.

          Yes, I think they head NTI. And as such are a small group of people in Amsterdam called ‘business owners’, also known as the breed of people we need more of. Choose your battles. Mr. Emanuele has a fair number of the same breed on his campaign finance reports as well.

  2. diane

    Just who are the Raeburn Family and what do they have to do with Amsterdam?? At least we recognize the name in Joe’s listings.

    And the city has used CTMale on several ocassions over the years.

    Assuming the city has no fund balance since the mayor or controller will not answer the question, the Recorder was smart to go with Joe, as they know we need someone in there who will watch the money very carefully. He left a $3 million audited fund balance and it appears to be gone or almost gone. We need someone of his character that is going to watch out for the taxpayers money. She has already along with the council approved raises when they should be staying flat. Spending has to stop and Joe will see to it.

    • Rob Millan

      Why must contributors have anything to do with Amsterdam? They provide jobs as they have a business in Amsterdam. What business is that of yours?

      Also, in my mailbox I received a Hatzenbuhler literature. That is illegal, as only registered mail is allowed to be placed in a mail box. Speak for yourself if you want to talk following the rules.

    • diane

      The Raeburn Family owns NTI Global

  3. Let me think… Tatum O’Neil….Darren Stevens…

  4. diane

    Rob, I know they are not supposed to go in the mail box and if there is no other place, I usually put them in the screen door………….too bad you did not answer your door bell when I rang. Heard you were on Teller. I also spoke with three different mailmen and they told me they had no problem with them in the mailbox. Since I have done my own door to door I can assure you, very very few went in the mailbox since I knew they did not belong there. Those that did, were visibly hanging out. Why do you not speak with my opponent who just flat out stuck his in the mailboxes without looking for alternatives.

    Oh and I guess the residents of the forth ward have you to thank for the anynomous mailers that were in our boxes today. People very rarely give credibility to things that are not signed or othewise identified. I saw comments earlier about Virginia Whelly and how she was remembered for her part of the waterfront developement. I will remember her for taking me to my first ABC meeting at Guy Park Manor and introducing me around. You should not make statements about things I have been involved in since moving here. You know so little.

    • Rob Millan

      United States postal carriers do not dictate what is allowed in mail boxes; the USPS does. The letter carriers’ opinion in ‘they have no problem’ is rather moot.
      I didn’t receive a mailer from the Dybas camp so I couldn’t berate them, but thank you for finally mentioning your direct opponent if only to debate campaign literature delivery. Make no mistake, if he’d done it, I’d have had a bone to pick with him as well.
      I did not receive any mail today as there is no mail delivery on Sundays. That’s assuming it came as actual registered mail and not just some campaigner dropping a piece of paper in my box.

  5. Can we steer the conversation back to campaign finances?

  6. When Paul Tonko get’s beat, so does this Milan character. He’ll fade away yet I’m still waiting for the punk to call me at work and speak to me directly, instead of posing as some wanna-be esquire asking about my work ethic..Good point made about the violations too, Jerry. The Mayor knew about this. She shut her mouth about it as she (and Bob Reidy and Gerry DeCusatis) would rather have seen employees of my Department kill each other than fix the problems that are spawned by one—yes ONE person that plays a good patsy. In our military, they (Reidy & DeCusatis) would have been Article 15’d. Two of the most dirty and tarnished players involved with government, and I’m not the only one who thinks that way.

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