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Barbara S. Wheeler 4th Ward Supervisor

With determination and assertiveness, Barbara S. Wheeler has a driving passion to serve the people of Amsterdam. She truly cares about her community and is dedicated to overcoming obstacles, producing results. Barbara believes in shared services and consolidation of county government to save tax dollars.

Barbara is working to help reduce crime in the 4th Ward through a series of Ward meetings with the Alderman and the community.

Supervisor Wheeler is keeping her pledge to never vote for a tax increase.

Amsterdam is rich with cultural heritage. From the Chuctanunda Creek to the Mohawk River, our people reflect the same diversity that makes up the fabric of our City. Barbara S. Wheeler is working hard to preserve that heritage so it can be celebrated by her 8-year-old son Gabriel. Only a few credits away from a Bachelor’s Degree in History from SUNY Albany, Barbara earned an Associate Degree from Fulton-Montgomery Community College in 2009.

In addition to serving as 4th Ward Supervisor, Barbara S. Wheeler has served the public in the following ways:

• YMCA Board of Directors (2+ years)
• Cornell Cooperative Extension Board of Directors
• Law Review Board Committee
• Chairman of the Education and Government Committee
• FM Board of Trustees (2009)

Barbara S. Wheeler is running for reelection as Amsterdam’s 4th Ward representative on the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors.

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Karl Baia 5th Ward Supervisor

Young, energetic and enthusiastic, Karl Baia has served Amsterdam’s 5th Ward with pride and dedication. He understands the needs of his constituency and has never voted to increase taxes. Karl Baia’s service has helped influence a new generation to stand up and make a difference in their community.

This year Karl pledges to adhere to the State mandated 2% tax cap and is committed to reducing spending by consolidating services.

Amsterdam’s 5th Ward is full of rich cultural heritage, from its turn of the century architecture to the Mohawk River. Karl Baia needs your vote to ensure these treasures will still be around fo his 8-year-old daughter Gabriella to enjoy.
In addition to serving as 5th Ward Supervisor, Karl Baia has served our citizens on the following committees:

• Montgomery County Planning Board
• Citizen’s Review Board and Charter Review Committee
• Former Chairman of the Amsterdam Civil Service Board
• YMCA Board of Directors
• Government Study Committee focusing on consolidation
• Chairman of the Economic Development Committee
• Worked to create local jobs

Supervisor Karl has always been there for me when I needed information or wanted to voice my opinion. He cares about the 5th Ward residents on both sides of the river and truly has our backs when it comes to issues that directly affect our Ward.   When the Thane administration befriended Uri Kaufamn and fought the scheduled demolition of the Chalmers Building, Karl had our backs by organizing a petition drive that helped stop Kaufman. Karl Baia was also one of the main organizers of the anti-graffiti drive that helped paint over damage done to our city buildings and homes.

Karl’s enthusiasm and willingness to stand up and make a difference for our City is commendable. Not may people of his generation have that fortitude, choosing instead to move on to other destinations.  Karl chose to stay in Amsterdam and make a difference by serving on the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors.

As a homeowner and resident of the 5th Ward,  my vote is going to reelect Karl Baia 5th Ward Supervisor.

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