Cats Love Autumn

Most people like autumn because of the change in color of the foliage. Personally it is the dramatic lighting changes that excite me but cats also love autumn. They just can’t help it. Cats are wired to react to small moving objects as a predatory instinct.  When autumn comes around, my cats become hyperactive, batting with their paws as if they are going to catch the falling leaves through the window glass. When I do take them outside it is sensory overload for them. There are just too many falling leaves to keep track of.  They chase the leaves and leap into the air tying to catch them before they hit the ground.

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4 thoughts on “Cats Love Autumn

  1. Bob Cudmore

    Love the pictures Jerry–handsome cats

  2. Beautiful photos! You are right, the colours and light are great! Are both of the cats yours? Do they feel fine outside?
    The cats are gorgeous 🙂 I loved the look in their eyes – they seem to be very clever.

  3. Emm

    I like the pictures, especially the ones of the cats enjoying themselves outside and your sentiments about them enjoying the leaves too.

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