Wills Excluded from Planned Mayoral Debate

In a tersely worded letter to Recorder Publisher Kevin McClary, Amsterdam Mayoral Candidate and 4th Ward Alderman, William D. Wills expresses his displeasure after finding out he is excluded from a planned mayoral debate.

Mr. McClary,

Please explain why I am being eliminated from the debate that the Recorder and the Chamber are putting together. Although I am not a “main” candidate, the opportunity for the electorate to hear only from a past and present mayor and not from another who hasn’t held the position but is well qualified is discriminatory and shortsighted on your part. It also looks like the “fix” is in. I have always been loyal to your paper and open to your reporters when questioned on various issues. Although I don’t spend as much as others I have taken out ads even when I ran unopposed in the past just to show that support albeit in a small way. You tout yourself as a community paper but then play God when making decisions like the one you have made here, all in the secrecy which your paper despises when public officials even try to do that on some sensitive issues which I have always objected to. It seems strange to me that the one who has advocated for a debate all along is the one who gets eliminated regardless of not having the status of being a “main” candidate.

I request that you reconsider your position and Mr. Capobianco, temporary President of the Chamber, who has been copied here I request as a member of the Chamber that if the Chamber is involved that you advocate on my behalf to be part of the debate.

Thank you!

Alderman Wills

I spoke with Bill Wills today about this letter.  While the event has not yet been publicized, he found out through various reliable sources that the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, the Recorder, the Leader-Herald along with local radio stations WCSS and WVTL are in the final planning stages for hosting a debate between Amsterdam mayoral candidates Joe Emanuele and Ann Thane.

Neither Emanuele or Thane responded to my personal request to answer a series of questions I sent them with the intended purpose of helping voters choose the best qualified candidate. William D. Wills was the only candidate to both answer my questions and push for a mayoral debate as shown in my blog post 10 Questions With Bill Wills.

Aldermen Julie Pierce, Gina DeRossi, William D. Wills, Richard Leggiero listen to public comment concerning Thane's proposed elimination of Amsterdam's 3% tax cap.

William D. Wills is a valid write-in candidate for Mayor of Amsterdam and should definitely be included in any planned mayoral debate.  Enough of the partisan politics!

From Bill Wills Facebook page:

The Recorder coverage of the 2007 Amsterdam Mayoral Debate that included write-in candidate Diane Hatzenbuhler can be found here.

Update: Recorder sponsored debate to be held October 25th.

This scheduled mayoral debate will take place in Amsterdam’s Riverfront Center Conference room. The event is not open to the public and will only be attended by a maximum of 50 people who will need a special invite to attend. Mayoral candidate William D. Wills wanted to participate but was excluded by Recorder Publisher Kevin McClary.

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3 thoughts on “Wills Excluded from Planned Mayoral Debate

  1. I was allowed to debate as an “Independent” in 1995. Total sham contrived by design. Some people are just predictable. And with that being said, with the City being in the state it’s in, isn’t it time we associate it’s condition with those responsible and disassociate ourselves from those same persons who keep blowing smoke up our behinds? Sounds like someone is splitting hairs…Time for Alderman Wills to cross party line and use his valuable asset(s) in a way that would be respected. The Recorder, and those responsible for whatever it puts to print, knows exactly what it’s – they – are doing.

  2. Alayne

    So much for the AMSTERDAM Recorder looking out for the folks of Amsterdam. Amazing!

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