Thane Panders to Latino Vote

Under the guise of an unadvertised “neighborhood meeting”, Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane went shopping for the Latino vote last night as she and other subcommittee members, City Historian Robert von Hasseln and 5th Ward Alderman Richard Leggiero met with select members of the East End neighborhood at Centro Civico.

As Recorder reporter Jarret Carroll described in his article; Residents, officials discuss ideas for the East End, this was a meeting supposedly organized to discuss neighborhood problems and develop a strategy for revitalizing the East End.

The problem again with Thane is communication, as no one informed the rest of the residents! There was no meeting notice posted in the Recorder or on the Official City of Amsterdam website or City of Amsterdam Facebook page. 5th Ward Alderman Richard Leggiero told me he was only notified of the meeting briefly the night before and if it wasn’t for Centro Civico calling to remind him, he may not have attended himself. 5th Ward Supervisor Karl Baia was not invited. I live just a block away from Centro Civico and would have attended this meeting had I or the majority of the neighborhood been informed of this planned meeting.

I understand that there was a very large food spread, as if Centro Civico was expecting a much larger crowd.

Even Centro Civico was duped as no one else was invited to take part. This was about one thing, the Latino vote. Our Mayor has virtually ignored the Latino population for four years and finally realizes she may need their vote to stay Mayor of Amsterdam.

Carroll’s report states that Thane even promised the crowd Disneyland!

You don’t have to limit yourselves, you can also think of sculptures, painting and artwork … you can imagine your own Disneyland.

But all of those empty promises come with a price tag, to be paid with grant money the City has yet to secure.

The consensus of the people I spoke to agreed, this was pure political pandering by a Mayor struggling to stay in office.

Until Mayor Ann Thane opens lines of communication with ALL of Amsterdam’s citizens and realizes the public is on to her schemes, the reelection route will be a tough road to travel.

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6 thoughts on “Thane Panders to Latino Vote

  1. diane


    She has one of these meetings scheduled here in the 4th Ward, Reid Hill area for late October. After dissing the south side she has decided she obviously needs these meetings to get out the vote. Better yet, it would be nice if she went door to door, something she did not do in her first campaign. I have to agree this all politics on her part. Why schedule them now, we are going into a transition, as she is referring to the controller’s office. Ah, but the one thing I did note, was her comments for more fluff……artwork, painting and sculptures. Gee I wonder if she is bringing food to Reid Hill………….wonder who paid for it at Centro Civico, neither they nor the city have any more to spare:)

    • Diane, when one particular “not for profit” business rides on the back of those agencies who actually get the grant money, then there is a much you don’t or won’t see relative to motive. Centro Civico; stick to paying your TAXES and stop living and giving this false impression that your agency is Godsend to the Hispanic community. .

  2. You’re both TOTALLY on the money, yet someone is allowing that Committee glorification and tacky publicity. If I was a betting person, I’d give it a good guess who is culpable. What we “deserve” is EVERY facet of municipal government DOING THEIR JOB, elected/appointed/hired. Artwork, painting and sculptures??? How about JOBS (which have not been delivered in 4 years), QUALITY OF LIFE (which is rapidly declining in just about every ward in this city), and the elimination of FRAUD, WASTE and ABUSE in municipal government (I’m sure we have a list of examples we could cite). Furthermore Diane, it will be nice having you in office. Wait wait wait, somebody copy and paste this and put it in my personnel folder like you have been doing, but show it to the Mayor first.

  3. Alayne

    If I lived on the East end I would be insulted…Disneyland. Just when you think she could not make anymore ridiculous statements than she already has…you pick up the morning paper!

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