Amsterdam’s 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

City Hall was the place for this mornings 9/11 Memorial Ceremony. The original site of Riverlink Park could not be used because of recent flooding. Amsterdam’s City Historian did a wonderful job of both planning , organizing and speaking at today’s event.  I’m sure there were others involved but Robert von Hasseln certainly deserves a lot, if not most of the credit for today’s event that was chock full of pomp and circumstance (a little heavy on the pomp). There was music presented by the Amsterdam High School Select Choir, Loreal Lavigna sang our National Anthem,  and Misha Murdoch played bagpipes. There were members of the clergy, Rabbi Ariel Lynn Russo presented the invocation and Rev William T. Hodgetts, Jr the benediction. Speeches were given by both von Hasseln and Mayor Ann Thane who looked a little worn from the events of the past two weeks. There was a color guard, flag raising ceremony, wreath laying ceremony and the firing of three rounds, the Amsterdam Fire and Police Departments stood at attention in their dress uniforms. There was so much packed into this event, we almost forgot why were there. The meaning was soon brought home by von Hasseln’s impassioned speech describing the events that occurred 10 years ago that forever changed the way we look at the world. Here are my images of today’s ceremony.

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3 thoughts on “Amsterdam’s 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

  1. Bill Wills

    Great pictures Gerry. What a beautiful ceremony we had! Thanks to all who were involved in setting this event up. Remarkable.

  2. Donna D

    Gerry you did a really great job Thank You so very much we are very Proud of our City we really all can come together Thanks again Donna D

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