Jim Gaudet and the Railroad Boys

Another great free concert at Amsterdam’s Riverfront Park, Jim Gaudet and the Railroad Boys did not disappoint. Their vocal and instrumental harmonies delivered a soulful Bluegrass sound. Competing at times will passing trains, they did not miss a beat.

Tonight’s concert was also the first presented under the new tarp donated by Beechnut Corporation. I thought it would be a hinderance to viewing the band or taking photos but it was not. I think it actually enhanced the sound.

The Riverlink  Park Concert Series is organized and funded by the Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation. Paul Gavry, President of the Foundation, presented tonight’s entertainers. (Paul is center stage with the sunglasses)

There’s more than drums along the Mohawk!

Why would anyone miss Saturday evenings down by the river in Amsterdam? With boats docked at the marina, Riverlink Café serving food and drink, cool breezes and good entertainment are just a short distance away. Bring your lawn chairs or just dance the night away.

Next Saturday is the 3rd annual Riverlink Jamboree starting at 3pm. Your MC is Peggy Pearl featuring Three Day Threshold, The Nellies and Moonshine Holler.

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7 thoughts on “Jim Gaudet and the Railroad Boys

  1. Three cheers for Paul and Marie Gavry who give of themselves for the community tirelessly year after year after year.

  2. When Joe Emanuele is elected Mayor I hope this continues. Right now all it is is another platform to launch political agendas. Regardless of how much fun you have, some people have fun on a battlefield in downtown Kandahar. Yet some see through the smoke screen, most don’t. Go ahead deny it through the rosy tinted glasses. Another Thane scheme.

    • If Riverlink Park and the Concert Series were Ann Thane’s “scheme” as you suggest, I would gladly vote to re-elect her as Mayor. From what I understand, the “blame” for all of this awesomeness goes to Paul Tonko.

      This most understated assest of Amsterdam is truly a gem, no matter who is responsible. Not many rivertowns have a park as nice as ours and the Waterfront Foundation is doing an excellent job bringing talented musicians to the venue at no cost to the taxpayers.

  3. Your sources have provided you with factual information, however don’t pat yourself on the back with the half-correct comeback to my comment. Paul Tonko has a line for funding. So it DOES cost the taxpayers. A few years back, there was a 30K allotment. These people aren’t performing for free. You forget who was, if not still is, on the Foundation/Commission – Thane. For 4 years the walkbridge awaits official renaming as it was planned, why? Audit the joint and people scatter like flies. The Waterfront Commission was formed to oversee the operation, maintenance and preservation of the City’s waterfront areas, of which they do absolutely nothing—the DPW does. This Commission consists of five members appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the Common Council. Just because you like it, doesn’t mean we should have to foot your bill. How about this, do some investigative research to find all that 500K that Schumer dished out in the mid 90’s, where did it all go? Something got swept under the carpet. While your at it, Jerry, find out how much the vendor has reeled in with profit and how much is paid back to the city for rent and the use of the DPW and part time employees that maintain the place. Ok now, get the last word in because I like debating historical fact against opinionated fodder.

    • Tony,
      The only “opinionated fodder” is coming from you!
      This is NOT about Ann Thane. She is not on the Waterfront Foundation. Whatever funding Paul Tonko was able to get to start this project has long since dried up. He no longer works for Amsterdam, he is a Federal employee now. Stop living in the past, you can’t change it, you can only affect what happens from this day forward.

      You are also confusing the Waterfront Commission, chaired by Bob DiCaprio, with the Waterfront Foundation. They are two separate entities with different responsibilities. I talked with Paul Gavry, President of the Foundation last night because I was confused about their role too. Today their role is to promote, fundraise, manage and schedule the entertainment for Riverlink Park and the boat docking fee program. While they used to manage the concession stand, that responsibility was turned over to the City.

      They spend about $4,000. per year on the Concert Series and the majority of that money is from private donations. They no longer have the funding that Paul Tonko the Assemblyman, was able to provide and as a result can no longer provide fireworks on the river or symphony orchestras that they once provided. For that matter what is George Amedore doing for Amsterdam? I just got a form letter from Assemblyman Amedore claiming responsibility for all of Governor Cuomo’s initiatives (except for Marriage Equality, that was not mentioned at all).

      Riverfront Park Concert Series provides a venue to enjoy the summer and get away from the petty politics of Amsterdam, even if it is just for one night a week.

  4. diane

    Thanks Jerry for the great pictures once again.

    • You’re welcome Diane, I love the whole concept. Free concerts I can walk to in a beautiful park down by the river. It also gets me out of the house and provides captive subjects for my photos that I donate to the Waterfront Foundation for promotional purposes.

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