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5 thoughts on “Around the House

  1. I had a question on Facebook about the actvity at the abandoned Park Hill Adult home. Yesterday a buzzing alarm started emanating from the building and I notified the Amsterdam Police. They sent a patrol car and the Officer started checking doors. His supervisor and another officer then responded in an SUV and drove around the property, followed by the Fire Chief in another SUV, followed by two ladder trucks, followed by another two support vehicles. Seven emergency vehicles for an apparent false alarm and we wonder why our taxes are so high! Don’t get me wrong, I am glad they do respond, but this seemed like overkill since the unoccupied property is just one block away from the police and fire station.

  2. Margaret Persico

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and THANKS for the reply about Park Hill…Do you happen to know the status of the property? Such a shame to see it unoccupied!! I know what you mean about overkill…I see it alot around here.

    • Thank you Margaret! The property went up for public auction last month. I don’t know if there were any buyers. There is a maintenance company cutting the lawns, but both Park Hill and the church are becoming playgrounds for local kids. I chased some kids off the church roof today. They get on the garage roof and hop up to the roof on the addition in back.

  3. diane

    Probably an off day Jerry. I was told once that the engines had to be run once a day, which with the price of gas is ludicrous. 🙂

  4. Robbie

    The overkill part is probably due to bordum…lol. Remember when there was a response and everyone in the jail would show up? Same thing. Love the pictures by the way.

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