Code Enforcement!

Photos taken June 18, 2011

Photos taken May 13, 2011

Photo taken May 12, 2010

This rental property on 78 Grove Street and the adjacent double lot 80-82 Grove Street have been a constant source of code violations (and other problems) that are not being corrected.  These properties belong to Janusz Bronski, 25 Jay Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010. The mounds of trash and abandoned furniture was dumped in front of the building on Friday, June 17, 2011, and scheduled trash pick up is not until Tuesday, June 21, 2011. I don’t know when or who will pick up the large abandoned items. In the meantime the heat, animals and kids will rip into the bags and we will have trash strewn about the street. The unimproved lot next to the building has been a used car lot for a month now. Today I called the Police Department again and reported the abandoned vehicles with no plates (blue vehicle and gray vehicle parked behind it.)

I first reported the code violations last month to Assistant Chief Victor Hugo and Codes Department. On May 13, 2011, it was a red vehicle with no plates (wheelchair in photo taken from closed Park Hill Adult Home).

What ever happened to Nuisance Ordinance and the point system our City Council came up with to track problem rental properties and fine property owners? The Amsterdam Policemen I talked with tell me they don’t keep track.

Someone needs to keep track!

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10 thoughts on “Code Enforcement!

  1. Alayne

    Jerry, Have you contacted Mr. Leggiero? He is good with stuff like this.

  2. I received the following response from Deputy Chief Hugo today:

    “Mr skrocki
    An officer should be there today and posting the unregistered cars as required by city code as well as the property so that the enforcement process can proceed deputy chief hugo
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone”

    Nice to know someone is paying attention!

  3. Alayne

    Great news. Now if you could get the many piles of garbage picked up you will be all set. This craziness seems to be everywhere. I cut down North Hampton and crossed over West Main St. this morning and there were cars parked on the side walk being worked on. The entire car was up on cement blocks like it was a garage or something. (no plates) WTH? That used to be such a nice neighborhood. What is our city coming to. The APD will not be able to keep up.

    • I hope you reported it. The Police Chief is asking for input from the community. You can call or email .

      • Alayne

        No I didn’t, but I will! I think that the new Chief seems to be working out pretty well! He seems to have a good rapport with the folks, which is important!

  4. Diane


    Did they pick up the trash today??

    • Yes, the owner must have been contacted because there were trucks there for the past two days cleaning up. The cars are gone too.

  5. Diane

    I wonder whose back yard they are in now??

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