It was revealed today on The Show With No Name that Democratic candidate for 3rd Ward Alderman, Thom Georgia conspired with Roberto Millan to create the fake website discussed in my previous blog entry. The former confidential aide to Mayor Ann Thane who now works as a library aide, can say goodbye to any political aspirations as his credibility is shot to hell.

To the self-proclaimed Minister of Propaganda:

Deceit and dishonesty never get you very far in this world.

Thom Georgia

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4 thoughts on “Co-Conspirator

  1. Anthony D. Leggiero

    I took phone calls from 3 different Veteran’s Organizations regarding Georgia. All three groups represented were clearly upset with this leftist calling himself the “Minister of Propaganda” on Facebook, as it is a clear and precise link to Joseph Goebbels and Nazi Germany 1933-1945. I had to state that the Commission had no tie to this kid whatsoever and did not condone this coming from that person so proudly within Thane’s administration. It is true that when this character was called out, the Facebook page he created was pulled and made by acceptance only – if one would have wished to become a friend of Thommy. Additionally, the City’s website crashed same day right around 11PM. Thane publicly tried to make us believe it was hacked. Not once did the Recorder attribute the crash to the self proclamation displayed by Georgia or his direct undertaking. Thane later went on to downplay Georgia’s actions as coming from “just a kid.” I would beg to differ that a “kid’s” favorite movie would happen to be Schindler’s List, as he (Georgia, Thommy) so professedly claimed on Facebook.

    “Intellectual activity is a danger to the building of character” but which is this no-mind lacking?

    Guess who said that?

    Gina I need yard signs, many of them!

  2. Karl Baia

    The biggest joke to me is they actually think it’s a big deal to pick up that website. They think its great campaigning when really it’s a waste of time.

    • Alayne

      I suppose Bethany has never met Thom Georgia either. LOL!!!

  3. Anthony D. Leggiero

    This creeper reminds me of that old Who song “Tommy”….The song about the deaf, dumb and blind kid….Tommy can ya hear me??? Three words for you Minister; 1) Hit, 2) The, 3) Gym.

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